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The pattern of distribution of Eucalyptus and Casuarinaceae pollen during the height of the glacial period clearly indicates survival over much of the area, presumably in localized favourable patches.
Casuarinaceae The Casuarinaceae are no longer present in the New Zealand flora, but fossil evidence from pollen indicates that this family was widespread in New Zealand in the Cenozoic from the early Paleocene to the Pleistocene (Raine et al.
The Casuarinaceae are considered to be a Gondwanan family (Steane et al.
a fossil Casuarinaceae from the Early Oligocene of Little Rapid River, Tasmania, Australia.
Macrofossil evidence for the onset of xeromorphy in Australian Casuarinaceae and tribe Banksieae (Proteaceae).
trees of the Casuarinaceae Casuarina, Fabaceae Mimosoideae Acacia