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Synonyms for hookup

Synonyms for hookup

a device providing a connection between a power source and a user

a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose


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The most important one is who takes the initiative when it comes to casual sex.
Some of the nine justices on the Constitutional Court have already voiced their support for outlawing casual sex.
attitudes towards casual sex, relationship awareness, and alcohol use) correlates using a sample of college men, and extend this literature by exploring the role of personality traits and previous experience within FWBRs using multiple data points.
Although there are many men who respect women as equals and can have wonderful, respectful casual sex with a woman, others view women who embrace their sexuality as "loose" and "easy.
While New Zealand shares many attributes with other Western countries, it has its own distinctive culture and this study explores SDM within this distinct social context using in-depth interviews with 11 young women who had previously made the decision to have casual sex involving unprotected vaginal intercourse.
There is evidence that the infection is spreading particularly quickly in people who use dating websites and apps to meet other people for casual sex," a PHW spokesman said.
One surprising finding is that the link between casual sex and mental health is the same for men and women.
There are many women in society that don't mind indulging in casual sex just like men.
Somehow I don't buy the not being great at casual sex thing.
Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex.
But they may be fewer if they are taught about the risks of casual sex and about what abortion really amounts to, whether it is legal or not.
1) Of the 2,798 sexually experienced men in the four occupational groups surveyed, 70% were married, 49% had ever had sex with a female sex worker, 36% had been with a sex worker in the past year and 20% had had sex in the past year with a casual sex partner other than a sex worker.
In the month prior to the interview, 63% had been sexually active, 30% had used condoms inconsistently and 23% had engaged in casual sex (defined as having had sex outside of a relationship or with someone they had known for less than two weeks, or having had multiple partners).
The sexual and feminist revolutions were supposed to free women to enjoy casual sex just as men always had.
But it won't protect you against sexually transmitted diseases, and if you are only having casual sex that should be a real concern to you.