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a leave of absence from work because of illness

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The competent authority can grant 5 days casual leave to his subordinate staff.
2 casual leave every month and overall 25 casual leave during entire year were granted to teachers to deal with health and death related matters and urgent works.
In a press release UFRBOE said, "To express deep resentment at the attitude of the officials of the Government of India, RBI staff members have waited too long and the limit of patience is crossing and are left with no alternative but to observe two consecutive days strike action ( Mass casual leave on September 4 and 5, 2018)".
The APTA provincial general secretary Badshah Mehmood, Lower dir president Ali Rehman, chairman siraj ud Din and others demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to restore casual leave regulation, increase their salaries by 25 % and announce special teaching allowance for teachers in the province.
The general manager of a private firm is taking a casual leave to be able to watch his team take on Delhi Daredevils right from ball number one.
Many countries have 12 days paid casual leave system in a year but I haven't seen anything like that in the Gulf sector.
The company also charged a certain amount for all the casual leave I took.
Once, Company denied the eligible casual leave requested by him for performing National Integration Magic Programme organised in India.
With the possibility of students boycotting schools and colleges and government employees thinking og going on mass casual leave, there was every chance of pro-Anna protests snowballing into a major crisis which would have hit headlines all over the world, denting the image of India.
The month wise data on casual leave, privilege leave and daily arrival times were analysed to identify changes in the patterns during the past six months.
Other terms include a $15 a month increase per teacher in the school district's maximum payment to health insurance premiums (to $230) in the first year and an additional $12 in the second year; up to 5 days of sick leave (previously, 2) to care for sick family members; 2 days of paid personal leave per school year (previously, 1); use of pretax pay up to a 5,000 maximum for both child care and health care; pay raises for teachers who serve as driver education instructors or as team leaders; up to 5 days casual leave without pay (was 2), depending on the teacher's seniority; and the establishment of various joint committees to discuss school related issues, such as class sizes and peer review procedures.
In a release, the AAI employees union has said, "The policy of the government is not clear with regard to profit making industries and the Union is carrying out the Industrial Action due to media report of the proposal of PPP, the Union carrying out Industrial action as well as Mass Casual Leave 28.12.2018 Relay Hunger Strike on 10.12.2018 to 12.12.2018."
The deputy commissioner said the administration would strictly implement the government's one day casual leave for schools' teachers and no pressure in this regard would be accepted.