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a form of communism developed in Cuba by Fidel Castro

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This is precisely what happened, back in the summer of 1995, when he was interviewed by LATIN BEAT at Southern California's Whittier College, and he had the courage, right before returning to Havana, to criticize the Castroite regime's bureaucratization of art by citing the hair-raising story of how a Chinese pianist had his hand cut off during Mao's Cultural Revolution for refusing to stop playing jazz.
For more than thirty years, guerrilla groups (most notably the 17,000-member FARC and the 5,000-member Castroite National Liberation Army [known by its Spanish acronym ELN]) have engaged the Colombian government in an armed struggle (Jenkins 2000-2001).
Heberto Padilla, born in 1932, in the rural district of Pinar del Rio, had an impeccable Castroite background.
The dollar economy has become so entrenched in Cuba that one even runs into it at Havana's Museum of the Revolution, the citadel of Castroite orthodoxy.
As the son of a 1930s president, Cardenas had revolutionary, PRIista, and even Castroite credentials and was the only figure in Mexico capable of uniting the Left's fractous ranks.
He writes revealing appraisals of Ernesto "Che" Guevara and other Castroite socialists.
Brokered by the Catholic Church, its main impact has been within the ranks of the Castroite MRTA, Peru's second largest guerrilla group.
This is the line that has been retailed for the past five and a half years by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and the radical Castroite lobby in the United States, as represented especially by the National Lawyers Guild, TransAfrica Forum, the Congressional Black Caucus, Pastors for Peace, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Democracy Now
But after his 1998 electoral victory, in which he faced off against a former Miss Universe contestant and a Yale-educated economist, Chavez governed with a Castroite bent, rewriting textbooks to reflect the new revolutionary order and creating local "Bolivarian Circles"--neighborhood councils modeled after Cuba's intrusive Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.
The alternative is an offshoot of Castroite communism in a year when Fidel is 80.
Despite the Castroite regime's unofficial machismo-leninismo, the 1990s signaled the emergence of many Havanese female projects of diverse musical tendencies, from Gema 4 to Camerata Romeu to Asi-Son.
Now, however, Fidel Castro could safely be acknowledged a tyrant and dictator, though that did not prevent the gods from doing the tyrant's work for him, urging the "extremism" of the Miami relatives and the perfect paternal love of the presumed Castroite, Juan Miguel Gonzalez.
He also ID'd Senator Robert Torricelli, a devoted anti- Castroite, as a leftist.
The SPLC sees no enemies on the left; it does not warn law-enforcement officers of dangers from the many Maoist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyite, Castroite, or Islamic jihadist terrorist suspects and their support and affinity groups operating within the United States.
I was playing with Almas Vertiginosas at Santa Fe's Salon Patria o Muerte (Motherland or Death Dancehall), a two-story social club whose rear section was hanging on top of the sea, when the place was really jumping on this particular night, and Ramiro Valdes (head of the Castroite secret police) and his tropas especiales (special troops) suddenly arrived on their speedboats, with machine guns and spotlights.