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Cuban socialist leader who overthrew a dictator in 1959 and established a Marxist socialist state in Cuba (born in 1927)

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According to the archivist at Manhattan College, the records show that Luis Castro came from Venezuela.
I will not aspire nor accept - I repeat I will not aspire or accept, the post of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief," read a letter signed by Castro published quietly overnight online.
The end of Castro's rule, the longest in the world for a head of government, frees 76-year-old Raul to implement reforms he has hinted at since taking over as acting president when Castro fell ill in July, 2006.
In a message published by the online version of the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma, the 81-year-old Castro said he would not seek the presidency again when it is decided later this week.
Castro has been leader of Cuba since 1959, when he created the first communist state in the western hemisphere.
BY THE TIME you read this, Fidel Castro may already be dead, taking with him to the grave one of the sorriest legacies in 20th century politics.
Yes, according to AP (and most of the rest of the left-tilting major media), it is former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet--not Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Qadaffi, or Kim Jong-Il--whose name has become a "byword" for state terrorism.
When his younger brother is mistaken for Castro and murdered by an assassin working for the Batista regime, Ramon seeks the assassin to exact revenge, but when he sees the cruel conditions in Cuba, he changes allegiance and helps Castro put an end to the Batista government.
Of especial interest are the parallels between Socialism and Christianity that Castro astutely observes.
I find the prospect of losing Fidel Castro a terrific potential learning experience.
Williams GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba--Cuban President Fidel Castro handed power to his brother Raul late Monday ahead of undergoing surgery, the first time he has relinquished control since the victory of the communist revolution he led nearly 48 years ago.
Now in a new edition which includes Fidel Castro's speech on the return of Che's remains to Cuba 30 years after his assassination in Bolivia in 1967, Che: A Memoir By Fidel Castro is a classic political memoir and biography of revolutionary and intellectual Che Guevara.
SAN FERNANDO - The preliminary hearing of murder suspect Esperanza Castro continued Monday in San Fernando Superior Court with testimony from a longtime friend, the victim's son and the first police officer at the crime scene.
Castro also said in a speech, "I feel a great respect for all religions.