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a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice

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We might notice too that Wakefield shares some characteristics with Zaffirino, the castrato singer featured in 'A Wicked Voice'; Lee describes Wakefield as 'fat', but also 'goodlooking', a description which recalls Zaffirino's 'effeminate, fat face' which is 'almost beautiful' (p.
castrato singer. The need for castrati in the late sixteenth century had
Popular interest in baroque music written for castrati hit a brief peak in 1994 with the release of the hit film Farinelli, a dramatized biography of the great eighteenth-century castrato singer Carlo Broschi (better known by his stage name, Farinelli).
Voice', Lee's fascinating tale about the ghost of a castrato singer, which would seem to fit her overall thesis better.
Banned from public performance, like the great castrato singer Farinelli, Domenico could concentrate his energies on producing new sonatas for his royal pupil until her death in 1758.
In the first passage, the hero of the story, taking Zambinella, the castrato singer with whom he is in love, to be a woman, implies not only that a female voice can only belong to a female body but that a beautiful voice cannot lie about its source.
The great castrato singer Farinelli, long a powerful figure - politically as well as musically - at the Spanish court, also owned a Ferrini pianoforte of 1730.