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extinct beavers of the Pleistocene

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Age: late Pleistocene based on its strarigraphic association with Castoroides ohioensis.
Two new records of the Pleistocene beaver, Castoroides ohioensis.
Although Castoroides remains are relatively frequent in Indiana, few of those remains have been recovered in a context that allowed detailed interpretation of the rodent's habitat.
The objectives are to: 1) reconstruct the palaeoenvironment of the Wilkinson giant beaver using macroscopic subfossils as indicators, 2) document, using subfossils and stratigraphy, the biological and limnological changes of the wetland from time of creation to present, 3) compare the subfossils of the Wilkinson Site to other post-glacial wetland deposits in the southern Great Lakes region, and 4) discuss the presence or absence of modern analogues of the Wilkinson palaeoenvironment in the context of potential Castoroides habitat.
Three exploratory trenches were dug near the site of the recovery of a Castoroides femur discovered by Monte Wilkinsen, owner of the site.
The Castoroides femur occurred at a level when coarse gravel had also been deposited, possibly accounting for the stream transport and/or scattering of unburied skeletal remains.
Luke Hunt, Whitko High School, for bringing the Castoroides remains to our attention.
A new record of Castoroides ohioensis from Illinois.
The giant beaver, Castoroides, and the common beaver, Castor, in Nebraska.
Records and distribution of the fossil beaver, Castoroides ohioensis.
On a comparison of three skulls, Castoroides ohioensis, Castoroides kansansus, and Castor.
Concerning a skeleton of the great fossil beaver, Castoroides ohioensis.
These animals include (alphabetically): Bootherium bombifrons (woodland musk ox), Castoroides ohioensis (giant beaver), Cervalces scotti (woodland caribou), and Platygonus compressus (woodland peccary) (e.
TABLE 1 Measurements of Ludington, Michigan, Castoroides canadensis Right Dentary Length of tooth row 74mm Greatest length of lower molar II 18 mm Greatest length of lower molar III 16 mm Greatest length of mandibular symphasis 75 mm Greatest length, tip of jaw through condyloid process 202 mm Greatest length of alveolus I 22mm Greatest length of alveolus IV 22 mm Greatest width of alveolus I 26mm Greatest width of alveolus IV 18 mm
Age: late Pleistocene based on its stratigraphic association with Castoroides ohioensis.