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Synonyms for caste

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social status or position conferred by a system based on class

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(Hinduism) a hereditary social class among Hindus

a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth

in some social insects (such as ants) a physically distinct individual or group of individuals specialized to perform certain functions in the colony

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In addition to restorative breaks, eliminating the tolerations in our lives helps us feel successful, Casto says.
I realized I had a lot of good information to pass on to other real estate professionals that I had gathered through my years of working in this industry, but by passing it on at seminars I could only reach so many people," said Rich Casto, president of Rich Casto & Company.
While American Express and Visa do not officially comment on processing fees, Cunningham, who accepts three major cards at Casto Communities shared that, "American Express's discounted rate is very comparable to MasterCard and Visa.
Turnovers: 15 (Forrest 4, Koprivica 3, Baynes 2, Casto 2, Thompson, Rochestie, Lodwick, Witherill).
NYSE: CMI) announced today that Carole Casto, a leader in the Company's Corporate Responsibility program, will be Cummins' new Executive Director of Corporate Communications.
Without training before and during the transition, hospitals risk a revenue impact as coding and billing will ultimately be slowed," states Chris Casto, Vice President of Dolbey.
Media Contact: Chuck Casto, Casto Consulting, 508-314-3284, chuckcasto@gmail.
The 25 graduates include Sharlyn Anderson, Alexander Baune, Marvin Belk, Chase Boehringer, Christopher Casto, Jonathan Dahl, Justin Derby, Hayley Diess, Brodie Engel, Kyle Fisher, William Gray VII, Travis Hansen, Kenneth Husk, Stephanie Kau, Alexandra Kihn-Stang, Jacob Lay, Colt McCay, Garrett Naber, Ashley Parson, Travis Peterson and Tyler Wood.
Casto explained that Roetzel's expansion in Chicago is consistent with the firm's commitment to the city and the Midwest in general since opening that office exactly one year ago, as well as to sustaining growth for all of Roetzel's offices.
Phyllis was born in Worcester on May 30th, 1927, the youngest child of Casto and Ricchetta (DeQuattro) Migliozzi.
She was born in Worcester on May 30, 1927, the youngest child of Casto and Ricchetta (DeQuattro) Migliozzi.
Former MediConnect Executive Vice President of Business Development Adam Casto and former MediConnect Chief Operating Officer Shani Allsop will join Anderson as partners at REES Capital, helping to provide strategic direction to the leadership of companies they advise.
Casto Organization] brings expertise in mixeduse development with an upscale flair, which is exactly how we envision this plan progressing," says Jensen.
We now, through our partnership with Luggage Express, have the ability to add the luxury of luggage free travel to our portfolio menu," said Maryles Casto, CEO and Founder of Casto Travel, Inc.
The most significant conclusion of the document is that there was no agreement of any type among the participants in the mentioned meeting, which is the same conclusion reported today by an independent investigation conducted by Casto Ocando and published today July 20, 2007 in both El Nuevo Herald and The Miami Herald.