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an agent who represents performers

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When I got home I looked the agency up on the net and was excited when the first thing I found about them was that they were the casting agent for This Is England, that and a few other cool things.
During pilot season, Hollywood casting agents have been in overdrive, handling not only lead roles but also hundreds of character parts.
But what casting agent watching this kind of lunacy wouldn't put these poor blighters out of their misery after 20 seconds, with a ``Thank you.
The New School, for its part, has lined up for master classes are a who's who of Broadway: choreographer Wayne Cilento, singer-actors Christopher Sieber, Michele Pawk, Denis O'Hare, Donna McKechnie, Donna Murphy and Michael Cerveris, as well as casting agent Bernard Telsey.
She is the casting agent for the New York production of Bombay Dreams, now at the Broadway Theatre.
I looked at my casting agent and we were both thinking: 'Oh, thank you
A casting agent contacted the Echo to see if I could find me and they managed to track me down,'' said Johnny.
Like the hero of Halfway Home, Monette spent the greater part of his adult life subsumed by AIDS, a disease that claimed two of his three great loves (attorney Roger Horwitz and casting agent Stephen Kolzak) and then his own life at the age of 49.
Interested parties should contact The Professional Actors Studio the official casting agent for more information.
while PJ had great fun playing OTT luvvie casting agent Henry Gordon and tatoo-seeking Seanie.
If there was ever a go-to guy whenever some casting agent wanted a surly, malcontent, maverick rule-breaker, it's the Llanelli-born former stand-up.
It was also during this production that a casting agent noticed him and called him in to read for his eventual role in Sophie's Choice.
A casting agent said: "Katie and Bonnie have auditioned for a sequel to St.
But it did admit that "the casting agent did not react as she should have" and promised to let Islam take part in a future edition.
Choreographer Les Child and casting agent Mark Summers are also on the panel.