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a native or inhabitant of Castile

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In addition, Castillian has completed a prospecting and mapping program along approximately 8km strike length of the mineralized structure extending from about 1 km northeast of the open pit southwestwards through historical showings in the Chetwynd and Chetwynd South areas.
it is represented in English as <th>, but in Castillian Spanish as <c> and <z>.
Most people here speak Catalan rather than Castillian Spanish, although almost everyone can use both.
Bollain returns with one of Spain's most high-profile fall pies, "Even the Rain," penned by Scottish partner Paul Laverty (Ken Loaeh's regular collaborator), which opens the Castillian confab out of compeition.
Bill Pearson, President of Castillian Resources, represented the mining community, and talked about the troubling divide between public perception of mining (the Avatar 'evil mining company' view), and modern mining practices.
There was a lot around, as any visit to the local library in Ibiza town will reveal, but the majority of publications are in Catalan, rather than the more familiar Castillian Spanish, a legacy of the time when the suppressed regional dialect resurged after Franco's death in 1975.
Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek and Castillian Spanish - I've had to learn them all so far.
Apparently, the name churro derives from a Castillian breed of sheep, whose horns resemble fried pastry.
Her earlier works from this period were constructed using a triangular motif according to similar principles (for later works that also incorporate these principles see REM, Whispering Gallery, Harlequin Shift, Castillian, Zygurat, Kirigami, Maltese Cross).
4) Gomez Perez believed that a Castillian translation of the Portuguese Cronica geral de 1344 provided Arredondo with most of his stories about Fernan Gonzalez (563).
English; Mexican, Argentinean, Chilean, and Castillian Spanish; Brazilian and standard Portuguese; Mandarin Chinese; Catalan; Italian; Greek; Swedish; German; French; and Dutch) and voices (currently at 63)--boasts not only great technology, but a strong research angle that pushed the technology forward.
The stated purpose was to "clean up, define, and give splendor" to Castillian Spanish.
27) According to the French researcher, Jean-Michel Filliot, the word "marron" which in turn comes from the Castillian "cima", meant "wood" and the domestic animals that sought refuge in it (Histoire des Seychelles, 60).