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the Spanish language as spoken in Castile

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The use of Castilian noble women (as opposed to a Moorish of Jewish temptress) provides a new complexity to these tragedies.
In order to place himself on the throne, Almanzor uses Maria's desire for him as a blackmailing tool--either she kills her son (the rightful Castilian heir Sancho), of she will lose his love.
This black and white characterization of the male characters underscores the overall message of the tragedy--the Castilian line must triumph over the Other.
The play's conclusion also purports a highly enlightened message; namely, Castilian virtue will triumph over Moorish deceit.
With this decision to pardon his mother, Sancho proves his abilities as a good ruler and as a Castilian prince.
Not only does she recognize the horror of her actions as a mother, but also her violation of the Castilian lineage and honor.
Specifically, Ava is able to list the consequences of murder from the perspective of the state--along with murdering an innocent victim, she will have destroyed noble Castilian honor and contaminated the blood line by sleeping with the African enemy.
Clearly, Catalan does not appear to be on equal footing with Castilian in terms of everyday use, perhaps partly due to the language's strong association with ethnic identity.
One might suppose that the prominence of Castilian, i.
This typicity opens up the possibility of finding or at the very least suspecting and interpolating old customary legal culture among the early Castilians.
The Spanish epic hero and Castilian patriarch Fernan Gonzalez is not known as a legislator, though his son and grandson were.
He was vassal to the king of Leon, but did become the first Castilian count whose authority exceeded the authority of his noble family's holdings.
In Castilian history, law as legislation arises with Alfonso X, and even then the first law codes were compilations of customary law.
Ban on pain of death of summoning another Castilian to a legal procedure outside of Castile
The seven laws of Fernan Gonzalez are obviously anachronistic and simultaneously frustratingly consonant with tenth-century Castilian law and politics.