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a region of central Spain

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Not only was the future of an independent Portugal threatened by the fact that Juan obviously had no intention to keep the treaty, but now the resistance that those loyal to the Master were able to mount was under attack, as Juan moved on more of the cities the queen had ordered to pay homage to Castile. Now she sent letters to some of these very same castellans to tell them that even if they were to see her come with the King, not to turn their towns and castles over to him.
Isabel la Catolica, Queen of Castile: Critical Essays.
Destined by birth to a life of power and influence, through his prominent family connections both in Castile and in Aragon, Albornoz became an early exponent of the kind of international life we identify with Renaissance intellectuals--not that he was known for his erudition, but rather for his administrative qualities and as a man of action.
In Samba Brasilia (Volume 1), a pervasive dotted-quarter, dotted quarter, quarter pattern common to several Latin dances dominates the composition; Saturday Stroll (Volume 2) "swings," and In Old Castile (Volume 3) meshes right-hand triplet quarters with a left-hand habanera pattern.
The organization of these movements, their rights of way and grazing rights, the maintenance of their routes, and regulation of the wool trade were all placed under the authority of the Honrado Concejo de la Mesta (the Honorable Council of the Mesta) by Alfonso X of Castile and Leon in 1273.
As circumstances dictated, both Abu Zayd and Ibn Hud made overtures to James's rival Christian kingdom of Castile. While Ibn Hud called upon the Baghdad caliph for legitimacy and help, and Abu Zayd looked to the disintegrating Almohad caliphate, Zayyan got his backing and fleet from the Tunisian Hafsid dynasty.
Since my retirement as the postmaster in Castile (Wyoming County), I've had more time to "chase the light" and more opportunities to apply those lessons of nature to my nature photography.
The city is studded with simple Romanesque and early Gothic churches dating from the twelfth century, built to consolidate old Castile's sense of security following a series of victorious campaigns against Moorish invaders.
The Aristocracy in Twelfth-Century Leon and Castile, by Simon Barton.
Castile, professor of anthropology at Whitman College, and Robert L.
Attracted to the culture of Castile, he drew heavily upon the traditional ballads of the region, and three of his plays are based upon novels by Miguel de Cervantes.
Now a new set was prepared under the sponsorship of Alfonso X of Castile, who reigned from 1252 to 1284.
Principal wars: war with Castile (1336-1340); Moorish War (1340-1344).
(or Ferdinand V of Castile, 1452 - 1516) King of Spain.