castor oil

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a purgative extracted from the seed of the castor-oil plant

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By assumption of maximum working conditions (using caster oil as base fluid) the required mixing power for each blade of impeller was calculated 182.
This included wild asparagus, desert date, false daisy, curry tree, caster oil plant and fenugreek.
the magnesium alloys at caster oil the range of radial stresses of AZ61A-F is 12574839.
THE indestructible caster oil plant, Fatsia japonica, is a good shrub to give a garden a junglelike touch.
Other mainstays of Halsey's practice included giving emetics to induce vomiting, cathartics to trigger bowel movements and dispensing other popular medicines of the day, from snake root and caster oil to quinine, expectorants and various salts.