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a purgative extracted from the seed of the castor-oil plant

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By assumption of maximum working conditions (using caster oil as base fluid) the required mixing power for each blade of impeller was calculated 182.6 (W) so the total mixing power for a 2-blade impeller obtained 365.2 (W).
Supply of 15 tons sodium mita silicate, 5 tons texapoon, 5 tons caster oil and two tons aquasol.
All manner of deterrents have been tried to make them go away, from traps to fumigants, throwing mothballs down the holes or pouring mixtures of caster oil and detergent down the holes, to varied effect.
Chris remembers cupboards full of stone jars and waxed pots, mixing zinc and caster oil with tinc.
This included wild asparagus, desert date, false daisy, curry tree, caster oil plant and fenugreek.
The consequences of this could be catastrophic since chocolate in the US is a worrying combination of lactose, soy lecithin and a chemical called PGPR - polyglycerol polyricinoleate (caster oil to you and me).
the magnesium alloys at caster oil the range of radial stresses of AZ61A-F is 12574839.79N/[m.sup.2]-152492278.5 N/[m.sup.2], in HK31A-H24 is 11717463.59N/[m.sup.2]-142095070.8 N/[m.sup.2] and AZ31B-0 is 8573750.826 N/[m.sup.2]-103971975.8 N/[m.sup.2], the order of radial stresses as AZ31B-0 < HK31A-H24 < AZ61A-F.