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a shipwrecked person

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"So," he said, "no one knows now where the third vessel perished that was constructed by the castaways on the island of Vanikoro?"
The rescuing party were speedily able to convince the two castaways that their appearance was no delusion.
And as matters tended from bad to worse in the camp of the castaways upon the east coast of Jungle Island, another camp came into being upon the north coast.
"Yes; he was a castaway. A poor emigrant from Central Europe bound to America and washed ashore here in a storm.
For, pursuing the image of the cast-away blundering upon the complications of an unknown scheme of life, it was I, the castaway, who was the savage, the simple innocent child of nature.
Ablewhite senior-- another confirmed castaway!--was how to make himself and his authority most agreeable to the wealthy young lady who was going to marry his son.
Yea, woe to him who, as the great Pilot Paul has it, while preaching to others is himself a castaway! He drooped and fell away from himself for a moment; then lifting his face to them again, showed a deep joy in his eyes, as he cried out with a heavenly enthusiasm, -- but oh!
"My dear children," pursued the black marble clergyman, with pathos, "this is a sad, a melancholy occasion; for it becomes my duty to warn you, that this girl, who might be one of God's own lambs, is a little castaway: not a member of the true flock, but evidently an interloper and an alien.
you are a castaway - be off, or I'll hurt you seriously!
And the God who had taken care o me, a castaway, would surely deliver her also from the hands of murderers and thieves.
Her debut, The Other Boy, tackled what it's like to be transgender, and her sophomore novel, The Echo Park Castaways (HarperCollins, $16.99, 9780062427694, eBook available, ages 8 to 12), takes readers into the foster care system.
Themed 'Edge of Extinction,' this season features 14 new castaways divided into two equal tribes, the Manu Tribe and the Kama Tribe, with four returning players taking a second shot at the game.
The network describes the series as "testing the human need for companionship under extreme circumstances as each individual learns there are other castaways out there but are unaware of how many, their locations or when they will be rescued."
The original Castaways battled flu and each other with one notable clash between a family of devout Seventh-Day Adventists and a gay man.
But officials have questioned his story, saying he looks healthier than other castaways.