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a rosid dicot genus of the subfamily Papilionoideae having one species: Moreton Bay chestnut

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The present findings justify that Castanospermum australe canbe used as a natural source for alternative or supplementary therapeutic drug for the treatment of analgesic and inflammatory diseases.
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Abbreviations: CAS, Castanospermum australe seed; PX-407, poloxamer-407; T2DM.
Triterpenoidsaponins from leaves of Castanospermum australe.
Extraction of Australian timers, IV Cas-tanogenin (Medicagenic acid) and Bayogenin, C30 1148 05 * from Castanospermum australe Cunnet Fras, Austral.
A novel pyrolizidine alkaloid glucosidase inhibitor from Castanospermum austrate.
* * * * Calostemma purpureum * Canavalia rosea * Castanospermum australe * Chenopodium spp.