Castanea mollissima

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a small tree with small sweet nuts

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lenta * Cherry Prunus padus * Chestnut, Chinese Castanea mollissima * Crabapple Malus species Flowering * Fruiting * Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica * Cypress Italian Cupressus sempervirens * Monterey Cupressus macrocarpa * Sawara false Chamaecyparis pisifera * Dogwood Cornus species Flowering C.
1989); its presence has been shown in other deciduous forest tree species such as Castanea mollissima (McKay 1942), Betula ssp (Hagman 1975), and Corylus avellana (Thompson 1979).
Self-sterility in the Chinese chestnut Castanea mollissima.
an antifungal protein from the chestnut Castanea mollissima.