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Tensile ductility of high strength cast steel depends on porosity, specifically the largest pore size that may exist in the gage section of the tensile bar.
Method of damage tolerance design is based on the fracture mechanics theory, nondestructive test, and fracture toughness test, which is firstly applied in the fatigue balance design of cast steel node by Nussbaumer and Haldimann-Sturm [7,9].
The new formula is well suited for cast, nodular, mallable and gray iron, carbon steels, cast steel, high-speed and stainless steels, alloy steels, non-ferrous aluminum, brass copper and bronze materials.
* Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings are mounted in cast steel pillow block housing for improved shock loading
According to Phil Masiasz, project researcher, "the new steel resists failure during creep, mechanical fatigue and especially thermal fatigue at up to 850 centigrade, a 200-degree improvement from common cast steel." CF8C will have broad uses, namely in marine diesel engines, industrial gas turbine design, and automotive engines.
Von Gerkan and Marg's vast, barrel-vaulted Exhibition Hall in Leipzig, designed in collaboration with Ian Ritchie (AR March 1996), is clearly a late twentieth-century reinterpretation of the Crystal Palace, using contemporary structural and material technologies of trussed steel arches and silicone jointed glass sheets held in place by cast steel finger fixings.
Each base is a point where two diagonal braces are connected to a vertical steel column by cast steel connections.
Typical materials include: cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, and many exotic alloys.
The assembly features single-piece cast steel housing, a single-piece hollow thru-shaft that can be supplied with either API threads or a bolt-on flange connection and is powered by the industry's standard low speed, high torque hydraulic motor to eliminate the need for gearing.
In addition, the company also builds new hydraulic molding presses and new 3,000 psi cast steel cylinder housings for all press brands.
The cast steel, all-welded case design of the magnets minimizes the weight while maximizing lift-to-weight ratios without sacrificing strength and durability.
The glass skin is suspended from the grid by cast steel arms, and almost all the glass panels are of standard size (3.1 x 1.55 m).