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prime mover in the conspiracy against Julius Caesar (died in 42 BC)

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Cassius " Grace says that after suffering violence at the hands of Harrison for more than a year, she found the strength to finally report him.
To inaugurate a series inspired by an scholarly network that grew from a conference, historians and classicists who specialize in Roman statesman and historian Cassius Dio (155-235) present case studies highlighting various aspects of his Roman History, focusing on previously ignored or misunderstood elements in the narrative.
Tiger Woods came to the country on January 1998 and played at Mimosa, also in Pampanga, where he was joined by Taiwan's Chang Tse-Peng, South Korea's Kang Wook-Soon and Filipino Cassius Casas.
The two most prominent plotters of Caesar's assassination exhibit very different characters: Cassius is eager to proceed while Brutus, from his friend's point of view, "bears too stubborn and too strange a hand over your friend that loves you.
Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, passed away on June 3 at the age of 74.
It was home to the Clay family, whose son Cassius he watched take his first steps on the front lawn and grow up to be the greatest boxer on earth.
It took courage to change his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, in an overtly political gesture that enraged mainstream America.
RING MASTER: then Cassius stands over a beaten Sonny " And some of our Scouse celebs have taken a moment to give their tributes to one of the world's most inspirational sporting figures.
It is signed by Muhammed Ali - or Cassius Clay as he was then - who was at the track to present the trophy for a race named in his honour.
Cassius could not stop in time, and could not move into the eastbound lane because of an oncoming vehicle, police said.
The author and actor Cassius Ali has written three poetry books "The Last Word", "Poetic Expression" and "A Bully Story" (A Bully Story has two short tales of bullying as well as poetry).
Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, wore the gloves when he stepped into the ring against compatriot Sonny Liston, who was then the sport's most intimidating and powerful fighter, in February 1964 in a match, which was one of the most anticipated in boxing history.
Canlubang -- Tony LascuAaAaAeA~a banged in a curling 20-foot birdie putt the 18th to fire a three-under 67, outsteadying Cassius Casas and Rey Pagunsan in a day-long shootout to seize a one-stroke lead in the third round of the P5-million The Country Club Invitational at the TCC layout here yesterday.
holds Cassius liable as Brutus's accomplice, what attitude should