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German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)

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When inquiring into these evaluations of landscapes, it proves advantageous to turn to the work of Ernst Cassirer who was not only aware that the human environment is first and foremost a matter of mental modeling, but also provided a systematic account of the different ways in which this modeling occurs.
Besser TE, Cassirer EF, Potter KA, VanderSchalie J, Fischer A, Knowles DP, et al.
Cassirer (2003) challenges the existing works in semantics on the grounds of the insufficient description of the stylistic value of the word.
In contrast to thinkers like Buber and Cassirer who do not enjoy the same iconic status today, they were more textual and less bourgeois-liberal.
Recently, I returned to the Critique of Pure Reason but this time as I read the source I also read a biography of Kant by Ernst Cassirer and an introduction to Kant by Rodger Scruton.
However, Cassirer and Reskin (2000) found that women's attitudes about promotions were not different from those of men when the effects of prior promotion and organizational location were factored out of the equation.
In two areas of the biography, that in which Gordimer and her husband Reinhold Cassirer consider leaving South Africa to settle elsewhere, and that in which her son Hugo Cassirer's obligation or lack of it to do military service is considered, Suresh Roberts's interpretations of their desultory thoughts--common in the period to most whites who had alternatives--are particularly obstructive to understanding.
The gallery of Paul Cassirer, which had played a prominent role in the dissemination of van Gogh's work before the war, moved none of his paintings during the early 1920s.
Chris Cassirer, dean of the School of Human Services at the online university, will provide basis for the certifying examination by the National Board of Public Health Examiners
Drawing on both Maurice Halbwachs and Ernst Cassirer, Gerwarth notes that "societies generally invent and reinvent political myths in times of great political unrest and disorientation" and that the Bismarck myth became so important during the Weimar Republic because "only those who had the past on their side could claim legitimacy for their present-day political views" (p.
Looking at a Cassirer catalogue from the mid-1920s, one would be surprised at how many van Gogh and Cezanne paintings he exhibited, either because he had them for sale or because he had them on loan from his clients, many of whom were private German collectors, many German Jews among them.
Cassirer carefully avoids both a Spenglerian view of cultural physiognomy, a type of right-wing defense of cultural embodiment that inherits Herder's organicism, and an equally reactionary pessimism about the fragmentation of contemporary culture.
The following theoretical argument is mainly inspired by the thinking of Ernst Cassirer (1972:esp.
They provide commentary to significant writings in the philosophy of science by Hegel (Naturphilosophie), Bergson ("Psychological Parallelism and Positive Metaphysics"), Cassirer (from Substance and Function), Husserl (Introduction to the Logical Investigations), Heidegger (Time and Being), Bachelard (Essai sur la connaissance approchee), Canguilhem ("The Object of the History of Sciences"), Foucault The History of Sexuality), Deleuze (What is Philosophy?
American Friends of JCT brings together a diverse group of professionals and business people to support the school's mission," said Aurora Cassirer, Esq.