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German philosopher concerned with concept formation in the human mind and with symbolic forms in human culture generally (1874-1945)

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As discussed below, the decision in Cassirer is based on the doctrine of comity.
Cassirer reportedly did not know the artwork was still in existence when she accepted a reparations payment of $13,000 for the painting from the German government in 1958.
We classified a ewe as having a lamb if it was observed nursing or alone with a lamb, and assumed lambs had died if they were no longer observed with the ewe (Cassirer and Sinclair 2007).
(5.) Cassirer EF, Manlove KR, Plowright RK, Besser TE.
His accounts of Vico, Hegel, Cassirer, and Whitehead, whether read as a primer or refresher, are clear, succinct, and insightful.
Nas consideracoes a seguir, vou me concentrar sobre os temas do espaco e da medida, que conhecem em tais estudos uma analise muito detalhada, destinada a ser significativamente retomada nos escritos imediatamente sucessivos ao periodo berlinense (1906-1919), mas tambem nos ensaios de teoria e de historiografia filosofica Dall'Umanesimo all'Illuminismo (Do Humanismo ao Iluminismo), como indica o titulo de uma renomada coletanea de paginas em traducao italiana (Cassirer, 1975 (3)).
The issue of art in the philosophical speculation occupies an important place but, obviously, it received many solutions or definitions and some of them are diametrically opposed, as in the case of Ernst Cassirer and Benedetto Croce.
El resto de trabajos se centran en torno a Cohen, Natorp y Cassirer. Con respecto al primero se ubican los trabajos de Stolzenberg (pp.
Translated into English, this Princeton University Press book, with a new afterward by the author, takes its place with Cassirer, Venturi, and Gay "for the Enlightenment."
The Academy had started a few years earlier in weekly gatherings by small elite groups, called "Society for the Improvement of the Swedish language" (Cassirer 1991: 31).
Among the chapters comprising this unique study are: "Frenzy" applying Plato and mystery religion to the Rolling Stones; "An Everlasting Kiss: The Seduction of Wendy" applying Vico to Bruce Springsteen; "Warm Impermanence" applying Danto and Andy Warhol to David Bowie; "Magic Pages and Mythic Plants" applying Cassirer to Led Zeppelin; "A Touch of Grey: Gratefully Dead?" applying Kant and Whitehead to the Grateful Dead; "Yesterday's Tom Sawyers" applying Suzanne Langer to Rush; and "Dead Reckoning and Tacking the Winds of Fortune and Fate" applying Machiavelli to Jimmy Buffett.
Segundo Cassirer, Hegel sonhou ser o Maquiavel de sua epoca e defendeu entusiasticamente a entrega do destino do pais a um lider forte e carismatico como um mal menor comparado com a fragmentacao politica de seu pais: