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(Greek mythology) the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda

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'People sent me photos of the actress who got cast as Cassiopeia (Solenn Heussaff) for the remake of 'Encantadia,'' she related.
Abside's advanced technologies in combination with our Cassiopeia customizations have resulted in a very powerful and efficient communications solution.
The constellation of Cassiopeia (constellation)], named after a vain queen in Greek mythology, forms the easily recognisable "W" shape in the night sky.
Now providing support for 170 MHz up to 3.8 GHz, inclusively, the new Cassiopeia enables device designers to address new regions and operators in the evolving global LTE landscape.
Like the Bubble Nebula, it is located in Cassiopeia. NASA compares the pieces of the Soul Nebula, seen in this ( photo from the Spitzer Space Telescope, to "mountains" and says they are about 50 light-years across.
When I first got into amateur astronomy in the fall of 2007, Cassiopeia was my first constellation.
The Castle in Cassiopeia is Book Three in the 'Dead Enders' series; and as such, is particularly recommended for prior fans who have already absorbed the setting of Pretorius and his Dead Enders, who kidnapped a general and substituted a clone who had been trained in their Democracy.
If you're using the Pointers, you may like to try using it to point further past the Pole Star towards another easily recognisable constellation called Cassiopeia.
The Bubble Nebula lies 7,100 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia.
You can find constellations like Ursa Major (great bear), Ursa Minor (little bear), Pegasus (flying horse), Cygnus (swan), Draco (dragon), Cassiopeia (queen), and Cepheus (king), to name a few.
To address this conundrum, researchers including Caltech astrophysicist Brian Grefenstette pointed NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array at Cassiopeia A (below), the remnant of a nearby core-collapse supernova whose light first reached Earth about 350 years ago.
The star called V633 Cassiopeia is firing off rapid bursts of super-hot, super-fast gas, like multiple sneezes, before it finally exhausts itself, Nasa said in a statement.
ANSWERS: 1 Essex; 2 Rowing; 3 A Brief History Of Time; 4 The Dee; 5 Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; 6 Graham Chapman; 7 Ascorbic acid; 8 Honest; 9 Drink it - it's a fizzy cocktail; 10 Cassiopeia.
High in the north--nearly to the center of the map--is Cassiopeia, a bright zigzag of five stars like a flattened letter M.
16 ( ANI ): Scientists have combined data from Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, and ground-based facilities to build a 3D model of the 300-year old Cassiopeia A supernova that blew a massive star apart, and sent the debris flying at a velocity of millions of miles per hour.