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low tufted evergreen shrubs of colder parts of north temperate regions having moss-like foliage and nodding white or pink flowers

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As Cassiope, Stephanie Novacek uses movement to underscore subtly her role in the troubles of the kingdom; in the first scene she speaks of appeasing Juno, yet her movements suggest only extreme self-aggrandizement, not penitence.
He neither caused the wrath of the gods that resulted in the virgineating monster (his wife Cassiope did) nor does he propose any solution beyond passive obedience.
While only Persee, Andromede, and the monster are necessary to the dramatic action, Andromede's mother Cassiope is present, joined by the captain of the guards Timante and a chorus of Cephee's subjects, all lamenting and offering their support.
In the very first scene of the play, Cassiope provides a long and rather conventional recit of exposition, informing both Persee and the spectators of the circumstances leading up to the play's action (ll.
Other roles featured American soprano Stephanie Novacek as a visually and vocally lovely Queen Cassiope, French mezzo-soprano Marie Lenormand as Andromede, mellifluous Canadian tenor Colin Ainsworth as Mercury and the French haute-contre, Cyril Auvity, as Persee, with Monica Whicher and Alain Coulombe making welcome returns from the 2000 cast as the queen's sister, Merope, and the king's jealous brother, Phinee.
The Falcon 9 rocket is being ridden by Canada's Cassiope space weather research and communications demonstration satellite into an elliptical near-polar space at an altitude of between 325 km and 1500 km.
Cassiope ericaceous evergreen with delicate white bells in May ?
TORONTO, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Magellan Aerospace announced today successful formal delivery acceptance of the CASSIOPE small satellite bus by Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
The CASSIOPE bus is the first of the MAC-200 small satellite buses developed by Magellan to meet the needs of the Canadian Space Agency's small satellite missions.
In the Ericoideae clade, Cassiope is sister to remaining Ericoideae, but this is not strongly supported (<50% bootstrap).
Cassiope is sister to Ericoideae (63% parjac), and Harrimanella is sister to Styphelioideae + Vaccinioideae (<60% parjac).
As in the individual analyses of rbcL and matK, Cassiope is sister to Ericoideae, and Harrimanella is sister to Styphelioideae + Vaccinioideae; but now, in the combined analysis, support for these relationships is strong (99% parjac each for the position of Cassiope and Harrimanella).
CASSIOPE, which is a mall satellite for the Canadian company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA) has been launched by the SpaceX at 9:00 a.
This year, the 1st mission for the MDA will be conducted by the SpaceX , launching the Cassiope satellite on a Falcon 9.
A senior level ministry official said in addition to OPAP, TAIPED will have to complete the projects concerning the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA), the gas transmission network operator (DESFA), and the properties at Afandou on Rhodes and Cassiope on Corfu.