Senna obtusifolia

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cosmopolitan tropical herb or subshrub with yellow flowers and slender curved pods

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Kim et al., "The seed extract of Cassia obtusifolia ameliorates learning and memory impairments induced by scopolamine or transient cerebral hypoperfusion in mice," Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, vol.
In vitro Motor/ Cassia obtusifolia. In vivo cognitive Dioscorea opposita.
and Cassia obtusifolia L.), three short-lived perennial rosette species (Plantago major L., Rumex crispus L., and Taraxacum officinale Weber), and three grass species (Dactylis glomerata L., Lolium multiflorum Lam., and Panicum dichotomoflorum Michx.).
For the species that did show marked leaf drop and senescence (Abutilon theophrasti and Cassia obtusifolia), allometric data for early growth at both C[O.sub.2] treatments from other experiments was utilized (S.
Pamaad is a misnomer, the name of a similar-looking weed, Cassia obtusifolia, which is found much less frequently and is commonly mistaken for C.