Cassia grandis

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tropical American semi-evergreen tree having erect racemes of pink or rose-colored flowers

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In other species (Cassia grandis, Swartzia dipetala, Tipuana tipu, Indigofera lespedezioides, Platycyamus regnelli, Desmodium incanum and Gliricidia sepium), the cuticle remains continuous up to anthesis (Figs.
The stigma is secretory (Table 2), except in Cassia grandis, (Fig.
Buzz-pollinated caesalpinoids, such as Cassia grandis (present study) and other members of the subtribe Cassiinae, tribe Cassieae (Dulberger et al., 1994; Tucker, 1996; Marazzi et al., 2007, Arceo-Gomez et al., 2011), share the tubular type of stigma.
Interestingly, even in caesalpinoids, which have no grouped pollen grains, orifices and furrows on the stigma may be related to the large size of pollen grains, ranging from 50 [micro]m in Caesalpinia echinata (Teixeira et al., 2008) and Cassia grandis (Marques-Souza et al., 2002) to 100 [micro]m in Bauhinia curvula (S.P.
Superacao de dormencia em sementes e desenvolvimento inicial de canafistula (Cassia grandis L.F.).
In the case of Cassia grandis, Janzen and Martin figured that the foot-long woody seed pods were eaten for their sweet pulp by giant ground-sloths and elephant-like gomphotheres.
As plantulas de Cassia grandis apresentaram diferencas significativas pelo teste F a 1% de probabilidade, para todas as variaveis analisadas, conforme verificado na Figura 1.
O substrato composto de terra vegetal + castanha-de-caju (1:3) nao favoreceu a germinacao de sementes de Cassia grandis.
TABELA 1: Caracterizacao quimica e fisicas dos substratos avaliados na emergencia e desenvolvimento inicial de plantulas de Cassia grandis L.
Biometria de frutos e sementes e tratamentos pre-germinativos em Cassia grandis L.
Assessment of the antidiabetic potential of Cassia grandis using an in vivo model.
Physical and chemical composition of a substrate composed by top soil + wood dust substrate used for producing seedlings of Pink Shower Cassia (Cassia grandis L.