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a cassette that contains magnetic tape

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The agency will forward digital recordings or cassette tapes to be transcribed to the Contractor via Federal Express, Next Business Day Mail, or private courier which will be received by the Contractor prior to 4:00 P.
There was no better texture "There was no better texture for the curls than the cassette tapes - it's my favourite portrait.
Washington, June 14 ( ANI ): A new range of sonic fabric neckties has been designed, which are made of old cassette tape and could be played with a converted tape player.
I decided to get them away from the Apple Macs and create something a bit different from material we could both recycle and was also a major force within the development of home entertainment - the cassette tape.
THE days of the cassette tape are doomed, it was predicted yesterday, after a major electrical retailer announced it was pressing the eject button on sales.
Its format on analogue audiotape may well be short-lived as professional standard cassette tape players are no longer manufactured.
Now there is a fun and easy way to convert all your old LPs and cassette tapes to CD and MP3 so that you can preserve your favourite tracks for a lifetime.
The videotapes - which include Tom Mix and Roy Rogers vintage westerns - and audio cassette tapes - of big band music, jazz and other genres - are to be sold at a benefit sale March 10 and 11 at the Palmdale Red Cross office.
That's why audiobooks typically cost more than the printed version, Roche says, but the prices are coming down, as CDs and MP3 CDs replace cassette tapes as the medium of choice.
Complete with a handbook and three cassette tapes, the kit gives clients breaking up with their ad agencies simple lines to end the relationship, including "Let's be friends," and "I need my white space.
Beyond a basic desk, the Rehearsal Resource Center features rack-mount shelves for stereo equipment, a lockable drawer for storing CDs and cassette tapes, and almost nine square feet of clear countertop space.
Chief Joseph's grave was covered with streamers, cassette tapes, and notes from admirers.
Benitez, who threaded cassette tapes at the Sony plant, says she was sexually harassed by her supervisor when she told him--in an effort to stop his sexual advances--that she is a lesbian.
To implement visualization into our program, we have prepared our own visualization cassette tapes.
Self-study options include cassette tapes, videos, CD-ROMs and the trusty workbook, or a combination thereof.