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a prophet of misfortune or disaster

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(Greek mythology) a prophetess in Troy during the Trojan War whose predictions were true but were never believed

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Cassandra also launched a program in libraries around New Hampshire that helps kids learn about issues that they are passionate about and gives them the tools they need to become advocates.
Cassandra Levesque, an 18-year-old from Barrington, is an advocate at the forefront of an important fight: outlawing the practice of child marriage in New Hampshire and across the country.
Last year, after learning that child brides face a higher likelihood of domestic violence and divorce and a lower chance of professional success, Cassandra set out to close the legal loopholes that allow children as young as 13 to wed in New Hampshire.
Cassandra bravely shared the story of her own grandmother and great-grandmother, both of whom were married as young teenagers and were subsequently abused by their husbands.
Lindy Booth's Cassandra will get herself in trouble when "The Librarians" Season 4 return to TNT for episode 8 this Tuesday night.
And the Hidden Sanctuary," starts with Cassandra informing Rebecca Romjin's Eve Baird about her plan to miss out on the Librarians' new mission.
The promo clip then jumps to a scene showing Cassandra finally reaching her ideal getaway destination, which is Havenport, Ohio.
About The Author: Cassandra Sturdy is an author and transformational coach who helps people that realise the current way of life on Earth is unsustainable integrate a new paradigm so they can create meaning and fulfillment in their lives and become catalysts for world change.
For more information, to arrange an interview or for a review copy of The Twelve Attunements, please contact: Cassandra Sturdy, Phone: +61 (0) 420 861 101 Email: cassandrasturdy@gmail.
The conference will focus on helping companies learn what's new with Cassandra, showcase innovative business use cases, and provide technical sessions on key elements utilizing Apache Cassandra in an enterprise environment.
Cassandra provides enterprises with tremendous benefits, and we are just scratching the surface in terms of understanding and usage of the technology," said Jonathan Ellis, chairman of the Apache Cassandra project and DataStax CTO.
Aaron Morton (@aaronmorton) - Apache Cassandra Committer