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a prophet of misfortune or disaster

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(Greek mythology) a prophetess in Troy during the Trojan War whose predictions were true but were never believed

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When Cassandra Cain, a young girl, comes across a diamond belonging to crime lord Black Mask, Harley joins forces with Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya to help protect her.
Cirilito Sobejana, commander of 6th ID, on Saturday directed all personnel of units under his jurisdiction still keeping cars issued by Cassandra to immediately endorse the units to the RHPU-ARMM.
"She (Cassandra) is a remarkable woman and has done a fine job, but the training she got to take care of her husband was directed solely to take care of her husband," said Pioneer attorney Edward B.
DSE 6 Advanced Performance outpaces open source Apache Cassandra with half the latency for superior application responsiveness and twice the throughput for read and write operations.
Cassandra Jones Havard Professor of Law, Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Scholars Program University of Baltimore School of Law The legal field is one of the least racially diverse professions so University of Baltimore law professor Cassandra Jones Havard set out to change those numbers.
The first-ever housemates of the reality television show 'Pinoy Big Brother' have come together to celebrate the birthday of one of their own, Cassandra Ponti.
Cassandra Meadors, 14, of Barrington, died Sunday from multiple injuries suffered in the crash, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.
The new Hizbullah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team of federal prosecutors will examine all cases stemming from Project Cassandra, an Obama-era Drug Enforcement Administration task force that targeted Hizbullah's money laundering and drug trafficking in the United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Thursday.
Lindy Booth's Cassandra will get herself in trouble when "The Librarians" Season 4 return to TNT for episode 8 this Tuesday night.
Durham, NC, December 21, 2017 --( Private clouds that run demanding NoSQL applications such as Apache Cassandra need hardware that can provide strong performance.
It begins with an introduction to our main character, Cassandra Fish - a woman orphaned at a young age who wears a spacesuit, believes she's from Alpha Centauri and awaits the day her alien parents will come to rescue her.
FOR MANY YEARS NOW, Cassandra has been renowned for its ability to handle massive scaling and global availability.
When Cassandra finds a human foot on the beach, a voice starts to whisper in her mind.