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(New Testament) one of the three sages from the east who came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus


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IzetbegoviA wished Ambassador Caspar a successful mandate in BiH, the BiH Presidency stated.
Caspar MacDonald-Hall also has several other property investments including Sheet Anchor Property Investments of Havant, Hampshire, and jointly owns Southamptonbased property investment company Proudreed.
It has to be their decision, whether they want to connect their account with Facebook," Caspar said in a statement.
He said: "I think Caspar Netscher is a silly price.
Caspar is CAD support Engineer at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Esbjerg.
APSE chief executive Paul O'Brien said: "In horticulture Caspar has been given the chance to learn not only skills that will help his own future employment but skills that help make our public realms more enjoyable and sustainable public spaces.
Making his move on the far side Caspar Netscher grabbed the lead only to slightly cut across Burwaaz under the whip, but he was far enough ahead at the time.
This has been developed by the European Union (EU)-funded CASPAR (Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval) programme.
Johannes Caspar, Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, said Facebook has illegally been accessing and saving personal data of people who don't use the social networking site and haven't granted the company permission to access their personal details.
Johannes Caspar said his Hamburg data protection office had initiated legal steps that could result in Facebook being fined tens of thousands of euros for saving private information of individuals who don't use the site and haven't granted it access to their details.
In this elegant companion book, several Russian art experts explain the life and art of Caspar David Friedrich (1774 - 1840) and his contemporaries.
WHEN he left prison, Caspar Walsh vowed to turn his back on his past crimes.
As Johnny Caspar delivers his opening speech, Tom moves silently from background to foreground, at once moving into the focal plane and crossing from Caspar's side of the desk to Leo's.
TH_NK invited native North-Easterner and one-time professional poker player Caspar Berry to host the evening.
The three middle consonants are the initials of the traditional names of the three Wise Men: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.