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a small disk-shaped counter used to represent money when gambling


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The commodities involved in the delay-discounting task were $100 in cigarettes, a grocery store gift card worth $100, $100 in casino tokens, $100 in cash, or the participant's choice of those four commodities.
After applying the criteria, the number of participants who completed the delay-discounting task for cigarettes, the grocery story gift card, casino tokens, cash, or their choice of those four commodities was 94, 117, 106, 110, and 89, respectively.
Planned pairwise comparisons confirmed that participants in the choice group displayed significantly less delay discounting than participants in the cigarette (p < .001) and grocery story gift card (p = .033) groups, but did not significantly differ in their amount of delay discounting relative to the casino tokens (p = .255) or cash (p = .824) groups.
One is that participants differed in how they discounted the $100 gift card and the $100 in casino tokens, both of which would seem to invoke a similar additional delay in obtaining their actual value.
It was just shocking." The coins, casino tokens and even a EUR100 bill were found in small spaces at the sides and underneath the 2,350 machines.
It is also the UK's only independent supplier of blank euro coins and is a leading supplier of casino tokens to the US gaming industry.