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someone who collects and pays bets at a gaming table

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The 50-year-old trainer for casino dealers said he can share what he learned in the course with his students preparing to work in the casinos.
Pay for casino dealers jumped 30 percent from last year, while that for other jobs hardly budged, which has made casino dealers much richer than other workers, according to Antonio Ng Kuok Cheong, deputy of the Legislative Assembly.
Recently, there are some who even drop out from university to become casino dealers,'' Ng said.
Except for casino dealers, the government sets a ceiling on foreign workers, which has been gradually raised.
There are people who don't want to become casino dealers even with higher salaries because of severe working conditions for health such as 24-hour shifts.
Casino dealers and slot attendants are the primary gaming occupations associated with table games and slots, respectively.
Eddie Evans and Catherine Pearlman both have worked as casino dealers in Atlantic City for over 10 years.
According to estimates of industry experts, casino dealers in Atlantic City earn between $24,000 and $47,000 per year.
Job requirements for casino dealers depend on the State where they work.
In Atlantic City, aspiring casino dealers take training at one of three gaming schools.
A COMPANY that specialises in the training of casino dealers or 'croupiers' is advertising its courses in Cyprus, even though the government has not yet legalised gambling or issued the first casino licence.
They are free to advertise as long as they don't proceed with training casino dealers in Cyprus.
The IRS conceded that approximately 45% of employees, including food-service workers and some casino dealers, received meals qualifying for exclusion under Sec.
This private training school is credited with training and developing thousands of casino dealers in British Columbia.