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Synonyms for casing

Synonyms for casing

the housing or outer covering of something

the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire

the enclosing frame around a door or window opening

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Orbis Research has published in depth analysis report on Global Sausage or Hotdog Casings market to provide accurate information about the Sausage or Hotdog Casings market Inspection Sales Segment.
is expected to drive the demand for the pump casings and the pump casing materials.
"Major Operators challenged with reducing their global P&A liabilities continue to choose Abrado as the technology leader in Multi-String Casing Section Milling Services for permanent abandonment," said Kevin Rice, Abrado CEO "This was a particularly challenging job due to the eccentric positioning of the casings, the flush joint casing connections and the fact that the 13 5/8"casing was Q-125 grade.
LAHORE -- The prospects of animal casings export to Japan are brighter as private sector working in Pakistan has improved its efficiency and product level.
Lahore -- The prospects of animal casings export to Japan had been brighter as the private sector units working in Pakistan have improved their efficiency and product level.
(2) In present domestic research, downhole string is always taken as an entity under uniform load and applied plane strain element [12-15], while, in this paper, 3D finite element model is built for simulation, which is unlike the present model without decoupling and sliding between casings, cement sheath, and strata.
Among other things the company has been inspecting surface and intermediate casings of cemented offshore wells with its D-PEC inspection tool for many years.
UK-based narrow web press manufacturer KPG specifically designs machinery for printing artificial casings, polybags and films.
Snowbird foods has taken a huge step in the sausage manufacturing industry by offering UK customers a guarantee that its fully cooked and frozen sausages are in natural casings sourced from British abattoirs and processed in the UK.
KOCAELy (CyHAN)- At least 20 tons of cartridges and shell casings were seized by the Turkish police on Wednesday in Kocaeli province near ystanbul.
Brisbane, Australia, Sep 9, 2013 - (ABN Newswire) - Talon Petroleum Limited (ASX:TPD) ("Talon") previously reported in its ASX announcement dated 26 July 2013 and an update dated 31 July 2013 that the 9.625 inch and the 7 inch casings had parted during fraccing operations in the O'Brien Energy Company ("O'Benco") operated Roundhouse Prospect proof of concept well (Bonner 1H).
"For two days I listened to the explosions and gunfire, and then I went out into Sidon's streets and gathered some bullet casings."