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Synonyms for casing

Synonyms for casing

the housing or outer covering of something

the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire

the enclosing frame around a door or window opening

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The rammer can be used to salvage product pipe after a failed bore, install Conductor Barrel casings, remove stuck drill stems and assist drills during product pullback, preventing hydrolock.
ViskoTeepak of Mariehamn, Finland, an international manufacturer of cellulose, fibrous, and plastic casings for the food industry has acquired a full-line food packaging supplier to the United States meat and poultry industries, Vista International Packaging, LLC (Vista).
Innovative design, precision engineering and hard wearing materials are combined to produce rugged and reliable tools that enable casings to be landed in the right place ensuring good well integrity and completions to be landed on depth to access all reserves.
The casings were cemented normally through the Turbocaser Express and the rapid drill-thru capability of the motor allowed drilled out with 156mm (6 1/8) PDC bits in less than 15 minutes.
In 2012, the market value of mobile phone casings and structural parts reached USD5.
KOCAELy (CyHAN)- At least 20 tons of cartridges and shell casings were seized by the Turkish police on Wednesday in Kocaeli province near ystanbul.
625 inch and the 7 inch casings had parted during fraccing operations in the O'Brien Energy Company ("O'Benco") operated Roundhouse Prospect proof of concept well (Bonner 1H).
Riyadh: Customs at King Khaled International Airport foiled a cigarette casings consignment declared in a statement and accompanying bills as 'empty-casings' and after the required checking, customs officers had found that the consignment contained half-filled casings of some kind of cigarettes.
The white things on the caterpillar are the casings of wasp young, or larvae.
Landing casing and liners in mature fields, with highly deviated wells, altered pressure regimes and frequently unstable formations, can be very challenging, leading to multiple sidetracks and casings set off-depth.
5 million Euro acquisition of Kalle the global manufacturer of artificial sausage casings and sponge cloths, from Montagu Private Equity, which was signed; subject to anti trust approval.
Much sausage is still stuffed into natural animal casings but now can be found in synthetic casings, as well.
In these cases, the casings have a number of uses, including:
Deputies found 15 empty shell casings near the complex's wall.
As inductor designs changed and furnace sizes increased, there was the need to simplify the installation of the inductor refractory by allowing for form vibration of the inductor casings with an air-driven vibrator, which attached directly to the inductor case.