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Himalayan goat having a silky undercoat highly prized as cashmere wool

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It has notes of gardenia Brazil natureprint, jasmine, cassis, pink pepper, lotus, freesia, rose oil, sandalwood, cedar and cashmere wool, and sensual musk.
Goat breeding and cashmere wool production are particularly developed in Mongolia, President Atambaev said at the joint press conference of 2 leaders.
Noting that the countries agriculture sector is growing fast, Rahimi said the cashmere wool industry sold more than $ none million this year, and a new processing plant in Herat removes the coarse hairs and makes our cashmere command higher prices.
The animals' produce offers an adequate, indeed sustainable, source of livelihood: Pashmina, or cashmere wool, is the most valuable; others include sheep wool, yak wool, curd, butter, and cheese.
Don't even ask the price of six balls of cashmere wool to knit a cardigan.
He added: "They are made of very fine bamboo - but they feel very soft and silky like cashmere wool.
Jesire's signature coats are flying out of stores already, as well: in a combination of mohair, faux leopardskin or crushed fur and cashmere wool angora with belted contrasting ribbon ties to add that special attention to detail.
THE world's finest cashmere wool was on show at a trade meeting in Liverpool yesterday, arranged to knit closer links with the Far East.
Pashmina, a fine cashmere wool, is almost as high-quality as shatoosh, and manufacturers are working on a new Tibetan cashmere product to meet the demanding standards of the high-fashion industry.
It is the pet 'parents' segment that is turning to Gucci, Burberry and Chanel for luxe accessories and shopping in luxury pet boutiques like Los Angeles' Fifi & Romeo for $150 cashmere wool doggy sweaters," Danziger explains.
Cashmere wool - which comes from a cashmere goat's underbelly - is softer, finer, warmer and stronger than sheep's wool, making it perfect for chilly January.
TEXTILE workers in Kirklees have a been asked by the US government to help promote cashmere wool produced by goat farmers in Afghanistan.