Cashmere goat

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Himalayan goat having a silky undercoat highly prized as cashmere wool

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2016) for the Cashmere goat breed of South Khorasan in Iran.
Our results also indicated that c-kit expression was higher in the white cashmere goat than in the black goat, and this significant difference was detected by q-PCR and western blotting.
Xun Xu, Deputy Director of BGI, said, "The goat reference genome is an important stepping stone in the molecular breeding of cashmere goats, and will help to advance the comparative studies on ruminants.
Microsatellite analysis revealed genetic diversity and population structure among Chinese cashmere goats.
Most cashmere goats today are raised in Northern China, Mongolia and Tibet.
Cashmere goats produce small amounts of valuable cashmere, a soft, crimped non-lustrous fiber.
Indeed, as explained in our panel, cashmere, which comes from the soft underbelly of the cashmere goat, is graded depending on its quality, meaning the cashmere used in the cheaper versions is not of the same calibre as the more expensive clothing.
She now owns 17 properties in Berkshire, three houses in Swansea, a cashmere goat farm in Australia (as you do) and lives in some luxury by the coast in Portugal with husband Robert Sullivan, a cousin of Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones for whom she sang at her wedding to Michael Douglas.
Cashmere - The ultimate sweater fabric, made from cashmere goat hair.
Inner Mongolia white Cashmere goat (Capra hircus) is an important economic breeding animal in China.
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in Liaoning Cashmere goat from northeastern China.
Due to the discrepancies with regard to the interaction between Rheb and FKBP38, we cloned cashmere goat Rheb (GenBank accession HM569224) and FKBP38 (GenBank accession JF714970) genes and studied this relationship in cashmere goat cells by coimmunoprecipitation (co-IP) and yeast two-hybrid assay to resolve this controversy and examine the mTOR signaling pathway in cashmere goat cells.
To detect goat VEGF-mediated regrowth of hair, we cloned Inner Mongolia Cashmere goat VEGF164 gene (JX524883.