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a check issued by the officer of a bank on the banks own account (not that of a private person)

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MBA is advising retailers and consumers who receive a suspicious cashiers check to call the bank to verify that the check is legitimate.
Overall, the availability of four of the eight broad service categories for banks rose a statistically significant amount--new-car loans, NOW accounts, money orders or cashiers checks, and ATM services; and no banking service showed a statistically significant decline in availability.
through fraudulent interstate wire transfers and forged cashiers checks made payable to Altounian's jewelry store, Gold Crest Jewelers.
Simply Better Checking provides the convenience of checking, with a package of free services, including free Online Banking with unlimited bill payment, a free safe deposit box, and complimentary money orders and cashiers checks, among other features.
Players can deposit money on-line, in real time, by using their Visa/MasterCard or VISA debit card, wire money to a designated bank in Antigua or users can send cashiers checks or money orders as well.
In addition to its courier service, Business Bank also delivers and picks up loan documents, cashiers checks and business checks, and much more.