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a check issued by the officer of a bank on the banks own account (not that of a private person)

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Pfd Will Accept Money Orders In Addition To Certified, Treasurer And Cashiers Checks (Personal And Company Checks Will Not Be Accepted Unless, Certified By A Bank).
Each Bid shall be accompanied by a certified check, cashiers check upon a solvent bank, payable to the City of Dayton, cash, or a bond executed by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Ohio for a sum of at least ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid submitted, as a guarantee that if the bid is accepted, a Contract will be entered into and its performance properly secured.
If the bidder chooses to submit the completed registration form and payment for the Annual Bid Security Program with their bid, company checks will not be accepted and the payment MUST be in the form of a non-refundable certified check, cashiers check, treasurers check, bank money order, or United States postal money order in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.
Instructions to Bidders IF the Call for Bids, indicates a bid deposit is required, the bid deposit should be in the form of a certified check, cashiers check or bidder%s corporate surety bond.
After the woman said she had nothing to declare regarding currency, firearms and ammunition, officers looked in her purse and discovered more than $70,000 in cash and $50,000 in unendorsed cashiers checks.
The document, which includes watermarks and all the other trappings of old-style cashiers checks, has just one bank routing number that's off.
Survey information on the proportion of banks and savings associations that offered various retail services over time is available for the following services: auto loans, non-interest-bearing checking accounts, negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts (which are interest-bearing checking accounts), savings accounts, money orders and cashiers checks, the return of canceled checks, automated teller machines (ATMs), and safe deposit boxes.
Cashiers checks that have been missing from the Nashville (Howard County) branch of Diamond State Bank of Murfreesboro for six months have shown up in Tennessee and Florida in recent weeks, bank president John Ross said.
account through phony interstate wire transfers and forged cashiers checks made payable to Altounian's jewelry store, Gold Crest Jewelers.
through fraudulent interstate wire transfers and forged cashiers checks made payable to Altounian's jewelry store, Gold Crest Jewelers.