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a cashbox with an adding machine to register transactions

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Casio's electronic cash registers and point of sale systems are perfect for small and medium size businesses, fast-food restaurants or fine dining establishments.
Thanks to the fully-integrated information system, the transaction details are sent from the cash register to the payment terminal automatically, without requiring any manual entry of the purchase amount on the payment terminal.
Based on the statistics of the Public Revenue Office, 1,156 firms have so fulfilled the responsibility by registering 1,595 fiscal cash registers with GPRS, while 7,833 firms have to comply with the regulations by the end of October 2014.
The Bulgarian competition watchdog started the investigation in 2009 as a result of media reports about the almost simultaneous price increase of cash registers provided by different companies.
After a mid-winter crackdown on vendors in Gariunai, the largest outdoor market in the Baltics, which revealed the bizarre plight of the market and led to the confiscation of large sums of unaccounted for money, the government urged Gariunai vendors to use cash registers from May 1.
bought the masks and gloves and carried the cash registers from the pharmacy to the car.
The market for electronic payment services in Japan is expected to be worth 69 trillion yen in fiscal 2010, stimulating strong demand for high-tech cash registers among retailers and restaurant operators, the companies said.
Self-checkouts are highly automated cash registers which allow the customer to carry out the entire process of scanning, bagging, and paying without any assistance from the store employees.
Two meter-deep holes were perforated between cash registers six and seven as store stockers stopped to gawk.
8, although thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry has been stolen from patrons, cash registers and safes, officials said.
For example, Mobile POS systems can be deployed as additional cash registers in high-traffic areas on weekends, allowing a retailer to bring the store to the customers and greatly increase check-out times.
When electronically tagged, even grocery items could, without being scanned, transmit prices to cash registers.
NAVCO Security Systems of Anaheim, California, has designed a digital video and storage system for the small retail store with six electronic cash registers or fewer.
Electronic typewriters, cash registers and calculators may represent office products of another era, but as more companies abandon those categories, a market opportunity still exits for those who prefer the old standbys.
Additionally, 57 percent think retailers who use tablets and other mobile devices in place of cash registers are more innovative than those who still use traditional cash registers.