automated teller machine

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Deputy mayor Councillor Chris Branford told a recent meeting: "Knighton is desperate for an external cash point. Every day people are complaining to me that there is no cash point or bank and we have to make further enquiries to get a cash point placed in the town."
The town's other cash point at the Co-op store also ran out of notes last week just days after the Bank of Scotland closure.
Ms Zou, who had only been in the country for a few days, was also walked to a cash point where she withdrew PS130 with the promise that the money would be returned within an hour of her getting home.
The third man then forced the victim into the Corsa and drove him to another cash point in Market Place, Warwick, to withdraw more money.
North Wales Police have issued a fresh appeal for witnesses following the theft of the back of a cash point at the Co-op store on Park Road in Deganwy at 4.08am on Sunday.
The spokesperson added: "We would take this opportunity to remind people to be vigilant when they're at a cash point. Keep your pin covered and put your money away before you leave the cash point.
He was using the cash point at around 2am on Saturday, June 9, when he was approached by two people on a motorbike.
But shortly afterwards the same man is believed to have targeted another person at the same cash point.
According to aSouth Wales Policespokesman at around 5.15pm on Friday a woman, believed to be around 70 years old, withdrew money from a Lloyds Bank cash point in Oxford Street,Swansea.
After the money was dispensed, he turned away to put his cash card back in his wallet - and a man moved in and took the cash from the cash point. He refused to return it and left towards Neville Street.
Payment mode for the service is jazz cash, through any jazz franchise, jazz cash point or by jazz wallet online.
It will now be installed at every Co-op cash point.
They are often very hard to distinguish from a genuine cash point.
Together with a third man, who has since fled the country, they used a device to "skim" card details at a cash point in West Wales, before using the information to obtain almost PS950 worth of goods.
Why do people who are queuing up at a cash point insist on doing so at 90 degrees to the building, thus creating a human wall across the pavement, which is almost impossible to breech?