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a market in which a commodity is bought or sold for immediate delivery or delivery in the very near future

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Indeed, some of the upward pressure in US cash markets looks to be a readjustment of prices amid infrastructure improvements.
Eurex Clearing, the clearing operation of the Deutsche Borse Group, is to introduce a 50% reduction in its fixed clearing fee and expand the discount models for Xetra cash market transactions from 1 December 2010.
The study, commissioned by CME Group, analysed the relative prices in the financial markets, cash markets and storage levels in the U.S.
Editorial is designed to provide coverage of global grains, livestock, soft, metals, energy, currencies, financials and stock index futures and cash markets. Oster said content will include stories on markets that show potential, interviews with successful traders, articles to help improve trading skills and market trends.
The entire trading volume on the OSE's cash markets, including the Nasdaq, however, fell 1% from August to 1,336.33 million shares as many market players stood on the sidelines before the Sept.
The cash markets for such financial instruments were well developed long before the introduction of exchange-traded futures and options, and, for some instruments, privately negotiated derivatives also predated exchange trading.
The futures market will close at 9:30 ET, and cash markets, along with Treasuries, will be closed today for the day of morning for former president Bush.
Heavy short covering in the futures markets and bargain buying in the cash markets were featured in gold and silver, following recent selling pressure that drove both markets to five-month lows on Tuesday.
Strong domestic cash markets and a more positive tilt to outside market forces may help support the corn market over the near-term.
MF Global Holdings Ltd (NYSE:MF), a commodities broker-dealer in derivates and cash markets, has appointed Mike Blomfield as managing director of Asia Pacific, effective 15 November 2010.
"Based on our experience from our Nordic cash markets where INET was launched earlier this year, we expect increased interest in trading and improved market quality in Nordic derivatives products."
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