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the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a give period of time (not including non-cash expenses)

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Analysis set 1 Null Hypothesis: There will be no association between the 'type of work' and the cash flow forecast.
They can be divided into those that use cash flow forecasts and those that use profit & loss account forecasts.
You should also produce good quality monthly management information such as accounts, budgets and cash flow forecasts.
Preparing a cash flow forecast can help identify potential problem areas and regular monitoring of the forecast will then allow companies to plan ahead and make allowances as appropriate for cash.
Activities Lead to Increase in Cash Flow Forecast to $600 Million for 2001
We'll convert it to forecasted balance sheets and a cash flow forecast of the company's future cash requirements.
Advocates of cash flows would say that for any business venturing into the future, a cash flow forecast is therefore a must, a map of the likely journey ahead.
The current cash flow forecast projects a fiscal 2009 non-segregated operating cash ending balance of $782 million.
Again, board members, senior management and staff can easily grasp a basic cash flow forecast - and all have a vested interest in the outcomes.
Furthermore, the cash flow forecast is very conservative.
Small businesses can use PASS Commerce Center to save time, gain much needed visibility into their cash flow forecast, and easily discover new commerce services so they can grow and thrive.
Based on the Trust's cash flow forecast, MRT said it believes that it will likely have insufficient funds to meet its $20 million required amortization at June 30, 1993.
4 billion higher than those reflected in the cash flow forecast, which are based on budget estimates.