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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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ATM failures are either technical or security related, said the report.2,470 cash dispensers have been operating in Tunisia till July 31, 2017.
Chinese software Rufus used to access cash dispensers
Czech Republic-based financial institution Air Bank is partnering with Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD) based on its ability to innovate and deliver enhanced consumer experiences with the CS 2020 cash dispenser, software and services, the company said.
Another major benefit of the CFM S4-Episys Cash Automation module solution is that it can be used with cash dispensers and recyclers produced by any manufacturer, emphasized Moore and Larry Phillips, project manager for Symitar.
According to a study ordered by the Commission, only 38% of bank cash dispensers in the EU feature a voice command system for people with disabilities.
Detectives in Stratford are advising those who have recently used Barclays bank automatic cash dispensers outside the branch in Henley Street to make sure cash has not been withdrawn by crooks.
Det Chief Insp Ken Donnelly, the man who led the inquiry, said: "The attacks on ATM cash dispensers were investigated as a linked series crossing several force boundaries and Durham Constabulary officers worked in close collaboration with neighbouring forces to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Look out for anything unusual around cash dispensers such as unofficial "out of order" notices that direct users to one particular machine.
The company, who make automatic cash dispensers, called the meeting for midday today without saying what it is about.
My wife who is 74 years of age has twice in the past had bad experiences using hole in the wall cash dispensers and decided to use the counter service inside the bank.
NORTH-WEST MPs have condemned bank charges on cash dispensers.
It is believed the raiders stopped at cash dispensers along a route between Belfast and Lisburn, trying out their system.
Moneybox, which operates 2,400 cash dispensers in pubs and other retail locations in the UK, said the number of transactions showed signs of recovery in April compared with levels seen in previous months.
Two out of every five cash dispensers in the UK now charge - taking a total of pounds 60m from us each year.
The Nationwide said more and more cash dispensers were charging for withdrawals and warned that, unless consumers become more aware, free machines could virtually disappear.