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a readily salable crop that is grown and gathered for the market (as vegetables or cotton or tobacco)

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The case for cash crops like cotton was quite similar, except that cheap cash crops were beneficial mainly for domestic industries, which by way of import licenses and quotas were, in effect, further subsidised.
West Pokot county has trying to reduce overdependence on relief food by reviving cash crop farming.
And what they are into is agriculture but it is for cash crop. Meaning to say, they're planting...what they are planting is, they sell.
Othman said the cash crops could yield revenues up to five to 10 times and possibly more if they were cultivated using sophisticated technology compared to oil palm.
The cash crops are Cocoa, Cashew, Oil Palm, Shea Butter and Sesame Seeds.
Rogers Crop Enterprises took over the lease last summer, and will be growing cash crops at the farm.
Cash crops, on the other hand, were the highly valued crops cultivated to rake in gargantuan profits for the farmers and top dollar, in foreign exchange, for the government.
Cultivating cash crops and fruit trees, modifying seeds and fodder, reducing salinity and developing multi-directional commercial value chains, that involve livestock, are the objectives.
At least one car belonging to Wildlife Alliance in Koh Kong province was set ablaze by more than 300 protesters on Wednesday after the conservation organisation and local authorities allegedly destroyed their cash crops in the newly established Tatai Wildlife Sanctuary.
Chairman IRSA briefed the meeting about the current waster situation in mega water reservoirs and difficulties and implication sowing of different cash crops during the coming season and remedial measures required for this regard.
The spell of rains, which started from Monday and persisted till Thursday would be beneficial for high-delta major seasonal cash crops including rice, sugarcane as well as low-delta crops like maize, cotton and oil seeds, said Director General Tea and High Value Crops Research Institution of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr Hamid.
'This fits well with the program that we are implementing now in the DA which encourages farmers living in mountainous or sloped and undulating areas to plant fruit trees instead of cash crops to prevent landslides and soil erosion,' Pinol said.
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque advised Cordillera farmers to stop planting marijuana and instead grow what he said were cash crops, like cut flowers.
'If we have a road, it would encourage the farmers to cultivate cash crops and earn as the land is very fertile apart from helping to reach the goods,' a resident, D.
Taking to APP here on Monday he said that the rains arrived at a crucial time as all seasonal crops required rains at this stage, particularly for the wheat, one of the most important cash crops of the Rabi.