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the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market


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He said that cash prices of two million, one million, five lac and three lac would be distributed among 20 top position holders every year to in courage the students.
According to the literature, the futures price is viewed as such a reliable indicator of forthcoming cash prices that market participants use the futures market to shift price risk to others or use the futures price signals to forecast some cash market prices.
Cointegration between cash and futures prices is a necessary condition for market efficiency when the futures and cash prices series are stochastic.
A simple regression model was estimated to understand the equilibrium relationship between futures and cash prices and to test the unbiasedness of futures price series to predict cash prices:(39,40,41)
Specifically, the futures prices and cash prices were not converging as they would in a healthy market.
The report stated that "the resulting unusual, persistent, and large disparities between wheat futures and cash prices impaired the ability of participants in the grain market to use the futures market to price their crops and hedge their price risks over time.
The report also found that the average gap between wheat futures and cash prices on the day the futures contract expired grew from about 13 cents per bushel in 2005 to $1.
The movement of passive investors into commodities shifted markets from backwardation to contango, the condition that occurs when futures prices exceed cash prices.
Usually, markets become more backwardated as cash prices rise.
The company delivers on-demand market information, commodity cash prices, industry news and in-depth analysis, and location-specific weather to over 120,000 subscribers through DTN for agriculture, refined fuels and trading markets, and DTN/Meteorlogix.
18 on Monday, cash price indexes of less than $10 showed up at many points in the Texas Gulf Coast, Midcontinent, Southwest and Rockies/Pacific Northwest/Western Canada.
Dow Jones Commodities Service--Comprehensive, real-time news and information service covering global commodities markets (agriculture, financial futures and metals), with exclusive outlooks, market commentary and statistics -- from cash prices to futures.
The effect of the new fixed price purchase agreement will be to boost MAGI's income and cash flow during periods when cash prices in the region are below the price realized by MAEM for committed fixed price sales to PEPCO.
com is providing End-of-Day LME cash prices for aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc.