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a market in which a commodity is bought or sold for immediate delivery or delivery in the very near future

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He will hand over his responsibilities for the Group's cash market effective 31 December 2012.
I do not recall seeing Hin Leong in the gasoline cash market (before)," said a veteran oil trader based in Singapore.
Quality Cash Market was able to provide customers with high-quality meats with minimal disruption to their operations and much less damage to the facility.
However, short selling via the derivatives market has some drawbacks compared with doing it through SLBS in the cash market.
If we borrow shares in the cash market and sell them and simultaneously buy the futures contract, it will entail a profit of ` 2,000 [ 100 x ( 200- 180)].
Futures prices for feeder cattle contracts through November of 2006 are very similar to current cash market prices, which remain at historical record high levels.
Revenue from clearing in the cash market in Q2 was EUR4.
T8Design, a provider of web services for the financial industry, announced a partnership with Bozeman, a Montana-based source of cash grain market intelligence, to allow community banks and credit unions to provide cash market prices for commodities to members.
The lawsuit said the company artificially depressed prices by using its captive supply to avoid higher prices on the cash market.
The big premium of futures to the cash market, record cold storage supply for the end of August and a continued outlook for higher slaughter ahead are all factors which may weigh on hog futures over the near-term.
CEINEX will offer investment products based on Chinese underlyings to international investors, starting with cash market products like ETFs and bonds.
During periods of market stress, concerns arise with regard to the possibility of a "ripple effect" and the impact of derivatives activities on the liquidity of the cash market.
Investors therefore hedged in the futures market and that in turn pulled down the cash market," said Sunny Chan, assistant vice president of research at KGI Asia Ltd.
Fitch notes there is a distinct possibility that the CDS market may have led the cash market wider in the few instances examined.
Although some activities involved with derivative instruments, for example, dynamic hedging of options portfolios, including the options embedded in fixed rate mortgages and mortgagbacked securities, may have tended to exaggerate price movements, other elements involving derivatives, such as the availability of highly liquid futures markets on organized exchanges, probably smoothed price developments in the cash market for bonds.