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a market in which a commodity is bought or sold for immediate delivery or delivery in the very near future

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5 billion in February, Deutsche Borse cash markets have achieved the highest February turnover since 2008 (February 2017: 109.
I do not recall seeing Hin Leong in the gasoline cash market (before)," said a veteran oil trader based in Singapore.
With the new pricing model, we are positioning ourselves for further growth in the European cash equity clearing business and are stimulating trading on the cash markets cleared by Eurex Clearing," said Frank GerstenschlA[currency]ger, Deutsche Borse executive board member responsible for the Xetra cash market segment.
When the futures are trading at a discount to the cash market, one can short sell by borrowing through SLBS while buying the futures contract.
Let's assume the stock of ABC Ltd is trading at Rs 200 in the cash market and at Rs 180 in the futures market.
Quality Cash Market was able to provide customers with high-quality meats with minimal disruption to their operations and much less damage to the facility.
T8Design, a provider of web services for the financial industry, announced a partnership with Bozeman, a Montana-based source of cash grain market intelligence, to allow community banks and credit unions to provide cash market prices for commodities to members.
These estimates, and the fact that carryover stocks have been relatively high, have resulted in wheat futures prices for March, June, and September contracts that are either very similar to those available in the current cash market (in the case of hard red spring wheat) or that show a modest strengthening of prices up to 20-25 cents a bushel (in the case of hard red winter wheat).
The lawsuit said the company artificially depressed prices by using its captive supply to avoid higher prices on the cash market.
Investors therefore hedged in the futures market and that in turn pulled down the cash market," said Sunny Chan, assistant vice president of research at KGI Asia Ltd.
During periods of market stress, concerns arise with regard to the possibility of a "ripple effect" and the impact of derivatives activities on the liquidity of the cash market.
The shares of Siemens, Covestro, Rocket Internet and Wirecard were the most traded securities in the German benchmark indices DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX, as announced by Deutsche Brse today when publishing its cash market trading volume figures for 2017.
Adverse weather in Argentina boosted follow-though technical and speculative buying in Chicago soy complex futures on Tuesday and the European cash market was mostly fixed on day earlier CBOT close.
The big premium of futures to the cash market, record cold storage supply for the end of August and a continued outlook for higher slaughter ahead are all factors which may weigh on hog futures over the near-term.