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an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis

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They told that Evacuee Trust Property did not complete the cash book and due to its non completion, audit officials could not get the detail of money transfer.
It is a habit that I have continued ever since, and I have, in my filing cabinet, cash books going back to the 1970s.
the term "journal" is used to describe the collection together of entries that are posted to a cash book presented in accordance with debit/credit terminology--but little of the expected substance.
43) Inventory was conducted late into the night or could last as long as three days, as in 1925: RB Cash Book, 1923-26, 2.
Only last week, a honourable judge of the Supreme Court, addressing a ceremony in Islamabad, called on participants of a financial management workshop to 'always rely on your cash book, your cheque book and your law book.
Certainly no prude, Elgar was in his oils on these occasions, standing near the showers long after the steam had clouded his spectacles, inventing excuses to linger on, sometimes strutting importantly with his little red cash book and gold propelling pencil, casting a blind eye upon those who were leaning heavily upon him with their expenses, and giving as good as he got when there was any backchat about money.
The same day police uncovered Vicky Clayton's cash book, they found 96g of amphetamine worth nearly pounds 1,000 in a sock in the family kitchen and snapbags, which are used for small amounts of drugs in the garage.
Some of the old racegoers who have been in touch had great stories to tell and I came across a cash book at the track dating back to 1932 when crowds of 4,000 were the norm.
All VECs are maintaining the cash book and are playing significant roles in enrollment, retention and regular attendance of students, and maintenance of school compounds.
You need a system for storing all your purchase and sales invoices, a petty cash system and a cash book to summarise all the information.
The investigation also uncovered false duplicate entries in the school's petty cash book.
The province opened the 1990/2000 financial year with a cash book deficit of R1.
THREE pages from a cash book showing the Beatles were paid pounds 3 a night for their early dates in Germany in 1961, sold for a total of pounds 42,300 at an auction at Christie's in London.