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an amount paid before it is earned

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'The other liquidations that are remaining are the usual 'yung mga travel, cash advances of Commissioner, Directors...but it will be settled in due time.
According to Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, the commission only has P131 million unliquidated cash advances as of July 2019, based on the report of its Finance Director.
Had the submission and processing of LRs been on time, the outstanding balance of cash advances could have been reduced," COA stated in the 2018 Comelec Management Letter.
Tan did not ask how much Tengku Adnan was estimated to have given Umno in cash advances for these two by-elections.
Cash advances are a controversial practice, often grouped together with payday loans, in which borrowers use credit for immediate cash withdrawals at the cost of high interest rates.
Joeven Fabul and PCG Accounting Head Rogelio Caguioa in deliberately disregarding the conduct of competitive bidding as mandated by RA 9184 by signing documents that were necessary to ensure the special cash advances.
During the trial, representatives from the Commission on Audit detailed the irregularities where the accused reportedly conspired to secure the salary loans in the guise of cash advances sourced from public funds.
The three business partners who are also great friends and neighbours went on to create Sorodo Limited and turned their focus to the innovative but little-known merchant cash advance product.
Between 2008 and 2014, Pohina managed credit card cash advances for members and processed their return payments.
The amount loaned in cash advances surged 27.7 percent during the first six months of this year, totaling TL 26 billion Turkish lira, according to data from the Interbank Card Center (BKM).
Also known as merchant cash advances, the rapidly growing popularity of these financing services is being driven by relatively low personal credit requirements and the simple and quick process of obtaining the financing.
He said credit card users should make sure they knew exactly which transactions would have interest applied to them as if they had been cash advances.
ABBEY'S new Zero credit card launched this week with no fees for transfer balances, foreign exchange or cash advances.
Because ease of use and accessibility are meant to be the driving features of business cash advances, there are no lien or collateral requirements, no business-use restrictions and, generally speaking, no set payback period or minimum payment amount.