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an amount paid before it is earned

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The real objective (of the tobacco excise tax was) to improve the farmers' general welfare and wellbeing,' Marcos told the committee, which had pointed out that the Commission on Audit (COA) allows the use of cash advances only for salaries and wages, allowances, honoraria, and petty operating expenses.
said it has partnered with direct lenders to provide a new model from the traditional business unsecured cash advance by offering small business owners business cash advances backed by collateral.
In 2011, the nation's largest providers of advance services issued up to $8 million in business cash advances each month, which is up from $5 million per month in 2008, according to First Annapolis, a Linthium, Md.
Furthermore, hidden costs or fees are not part of business cash advances and, with the exception of fraud, customers are not personally liable for repaying the amount of the advance in the event of a business failure.
Cash advances have an upfront fee of 2 percent to 4 percent of the advanced amount.
To obtain a cash advance, the company estimates the value of a plaintiff's case.
Merchant cash advances are designed for the unique needs of small businesses that accept credit cards, and are typically used by restaurants, retail stores, hotels and other service providers.
Farias later called the provincial government's resort to cash advances of millions of public funds a 'gangster type' of transaction.
By Cold calling and telemarketing, sales people end up spending a lot of their time on prospecting customers who are just not interested in getting merchant cash advances," says Himanshu Tripathi, the founder and promoter of Heritus Marketing Group.
Sterling Funding provides merchant cash advances to businesses nationwide.
On audit, the IRS took the position that such cash advances were required to be included in income in the year received.
Since 2006, Swift Capital has provided over $250 million in working capital through lines of credit and merchant cash advances to over 10,000 businesses in all 50 states.
Imee Marcos denied on Saturday that she received the audit observation memorandum of the Commission on Audit (COA) on the cash advances made by the provincial government in 2012.
The addition of Split Funding enables sales professionals to easily integrate merchant cash advances with Clearent's payment processing services.