cash advance

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an amount paid before it is earned

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The real objective (of the tobacco excise tax was) to improve the farmers' general welfare and wellbeing,' Marcos told the committee, which had pointed out that the Commission on Audit (COA) allows the use of cash advances only for salaries and wages, allowances, honoraria, and petty operating expenses.
New York-based GWG Merchant Cash Advance provides capital to small businesses nationwide, filling a significant gap in the market for small business funding created by the increased capital and regulatory burdens of traditional lenders.
The process for researching and declaring the top services offering merchant cash advance solutions involves a thorough investigation of their key strengths.
Here's how it works: similar to a bank, a business cash advance firm provides working capital to franchisees, but unlike traditional loan options, these firms work by purchasing future revenues from franchisees at a discount.
The new software is offering solutions for casinos to supervise their own cash advance services.
The question before the court was whether a discount received in the form of a cash advance was income in the year received.
Credit-card cash advances carry higher interest charges than the usual credit-card transaction.
Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos on Wednesday denied that there was anything anomalous in the release of millions of tobacco funds for minitrucks and minivans through cash advance.
With Merchant Cash Advance Leads, Heritus aims to get into serving a totally new niche of businesses.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 31, 2015-BankCard USA named 2nd best merchant cash advance service
said it has partnered with direct lenders to provide a new model from the traditional business unsecured cash advance by offering small business owners business cash advances backed by collateral.