Casey Stengel

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United States baseball manager (1890-1975)

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"Casey Stengel."
Zimmer was married at home plate during a minor league game in 1951 -- he is survived by his wife, who went by ''Soot.'' Along the way, he played for Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel and coached Derek Jeter -- quite a span, by any major league measure.
It sounds much the same as a commercial jingle for oleo (which, even simply sitting there and melting, would have been more entertaining than Casey Stengel's hapless bunch).
The authors quote the late baseball player, manager and philosopher Casey Stengel: "Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice versa."--Nathan Seppa
He details the key roles of Mets manager Casey Stengel and Yankees right-fielder Roger Maris; the threat to baseball from the increased interest in football; key players, including Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Marv Throneberry, and Gil Hodges; the teams' homes at Yankee Stadium and Polo Grounds; specific games; and the World Series of 1962.
Also, I am mindful of Casey Stengel's warning: "Never make predictions, especially about the future." That said, these are my "best guesses" regarding future 401(k) litigation:
Baseball legend Casey Stengel famously said: "Never make predictions, especially about the future." This is advice that even some of the more astute observers of our national condition are heeding--especially in this most tempestuous time of our economic history.
Casey Stengel, a mentor and later a close friend of Dedeaux's, was a frequent spectator at our Saturday conference games until his death in 1975.
Former New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel says: "It's not the sex that wrecks these guys, it's staying up all night looking for it." (ANI)
"You gotta lose 'em some of the time.Whenyoudo,lose'emright"- Casey Stengel, baseball manager.
[paragraph] Former New York Mets manager Casey Stengel was once asked about the future prospects for a pair of 20-year-old players.
The late, great CASEY STENGEL on the secret of his longevity: "Every time I decided to cut a ballplayer, I had his room searched for a gun."
You hear all the negativity and about how everything seems to be heading into the tank or is worse than any time in the past 20 years and you start to wonder, like Casey Stengel, "Can't anyone here play this game?"
That then-Yankees' manager Casey Stengel should have been fired after the season for reasons other than the Series loss is not here relevant; the point now is that that postseason loss was due not to Casey's managerial skills but to the Forbes Field groundskeepers.