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United States railroad engineer who died trying to stop his train from crashing into another train

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According to a press release, NC Casey Jones came off the gate hard and the chestnut gelding got boxed in the back by traffic.
Instead of waiting for the latest review or news to be posted to the site, customers who follow Casey Jones or other staff members now receive the latest feedback on product testing results, free trial offers, and new PBX service discounts or coupons available to visitors.
Chapter authors and showcase organizers: Casey Jones and Jane Koepp Jones
No railroading enthusiast will want to miss Wayne Erbsen's "Singing Rails: Railroadin' Songs, Jokes & Stories" (188320626X, $5.95), offering 69 pages of songs like Casey Jones and New River Train, or such fascinating tidbits of information the range from railroad superstitions, to street-car poetry, to famous train robberies, to hobo joke.
Noel Meade's Casey Jones has been running well and should again be in the frame, but on a form line through Orge d'Ete he looks well and truly held by the selection.
We are honored to welcome brokers Paul Breunich and Casey Jones, and their entire team, to the Sotheby's International Realty family."
Holyhead had a goal from Casey Jones disallowed on the hour for a foul on stand-in keeper Keith Davies.
He writes that the disaster that the legendary train engineer Casey Jones averted through heroic measures was of his own reckless making.
Significantly, Big Boy Davis's proclamation is not a third-person narrative rehearsing the past deeds and mythic status of cultural heroes; it is not the ballads of John Henry, Casey Jones, or Stagolee.
With Dylan singing a barbed Plain States drawl and his rhythm guitar pressing for speed, Bloomfield jumps the train and drives it: "I remember," said Sim Webb, Casey Jones's fireman when the Illinois Central 638 smashed into a freight tram near Vaughn, Mississippi, on April 30, 1900, "that as I jumped from the cab, Casey held down the whistle in a long, piercing scream." Bloomfield gets that sound.
It centered on heroes dedicated to fast trains (Casey Jones, the Wabash Cannonball), outlaws who robbed trains (the James brothers), and workers who built the railroad (John Henry).
However, there are a number of indigenous types, dealing with such subjects as occupational pursuits ( Casey Jones ), blacks and other national or ethnic groups ( John Henry ), various sections of the country, famous battles, and actual or legendary heroes.
Newmarket David Milnes Casey Jones 8.15 Newcastle, nap Fancied to give Kieran O'Neill a winner on his first ride for John Gosden.
The TMNT blog is saying that the issue is Casey Jones hogging the spotlight.