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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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Typical examples from caselaw involve, for example a contract to do something perfectly legal, such as build a reservoir, which as a result of wartime regulations becomes unlawful, prohibited and therefore frustrated.
While truly capricious decisionmaking in this sense is no doubt uncommon, it does exist; the caselaw contains examples.
* Caselaw, primarily from Community Resource Services Inc.'s comprehensive Caselaw Catalog,' summarizing more than 8,500 federal court decisions that address issues in detention and corrections.
predominate the pre-McNally caselaw and do not believe that this
"The judges in the majority, with the purest of intentions, have instead produced a runaway plan that imposes an extreme redistricting scheme for the Texas House of Representatives, untethered to the applicable caselaw," Smith wrote.
(1) At that time, I wrote that plugging a case citation into Google's search engine was apt to bring back a copy of the case from one of the then upstart caselaw databases.
Laudan also experiences problems in his use of caselaw, which upon inspection can turn out to be seriously flawed.
The instruction is self-paced and includes a resource section containing predicate questions for qualifying analysts, caselaw, sample reports, warrants and sample pre-trial motions.
"Our caselaw has developed a five-factor framework to assist in determining organ status: "(1) whether the foreign state created the entity for a national purpose; (2) whether the foreign state actively supervises the entity; (3) whether the foreign state requires the hiring of public employees and pays their salaries; (4) whether the entity holds exclusive rights to some right in the [foreign] country; and (5) how the entity is treated under the foreign state's law.
Though the caselaw and accent are British, the issues covered, e.g., confidentiality and the disclosure of records, are relevant to US practice.
From a caselaw perspective one could say that the sons have excelled the father.
AS THE MAIN FOCUS OF MOST CREDIT executives is upon the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA), one must still remember that a great deal of caselaw is being generated from those bankruptcy cases in existence prior to October 17, 2005 (the general effective date of the BAPCPA).
Growth in the size of intermediate courts, speaking through multiple voices, increases the threat of inconsistencies in caselaw. And now the electronic age is upon us, with the Internet, computerized research, email, electronic filings, and video technology.