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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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However, the caselaw only addresses one specific kind of certification marks--indications of regional origin.
The principles are remarkably stable, perhaps because the threshold to trigger the doctrine is high and caselaw is thereby limited.
In some situations, the alternatives may avoid unexpected liability for a trust protector, may be subject to clearer caselaw, and may allow for greater flexibility while still protecting the intentions of the settlor and the interests of the beneficiaries.
We then state some basic findings about the Court's caselaw since State Farm, consider various explanations for those findings, and underscore their inconsistency with a simple narrative about the prevalence of hard look review.
Detention and corrections caselaw catalog, 22nd edition.
was a mass of conflicting caselaw in the pre-McNally period and come up
Launched in November 2009, Google has added the ability to search caselaw and law reviews to its popular Google Scholar search engine.
Our caselaw has developed a five-factor framework to assist in determining organ status: "(1) whether the foreign state created the entity for a national purpose; (2) whether the foreign state actively supervises the entity; (3) whether the foreign state requires the hiring of public employees and pays their salaries; (4) whether the entity holds exclusive rights to some right in the [foreign] country; and (5) how the entity is treated under the foreign state's law.
Though the caselaw and accent are British, the issues covered, e.
From a caselaw perspective one could say that the sons have excelled the father.
AS THE MAIN FOCUS OF MOST CREDIT executives is upon the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA), one must still remember that a great deal of caselaw is being generated from those bankruptcy cases in existence prior to October 17, 2005 (the general effective date of the BAPCPA).
Growth in the size of intermediate courts, speaking through multiple voices, increases the threat of inconsistencies in caselaw.
Some self-professed Burkeans go even further and argue not just for tradition and practice as the well-spring of constitutional law but for Supreme Court doctrine and caselaw as the only valid source of constitutional law, even when that caselaw flies in the face of tradition as it does today with respect to abortion and gay rights.
125) As to the omissions, the court drew from MRE 311(g)(2) and its caselaw to determine that "the defense must demonstrate that the omissions were both intentional or reckless, and that their hypothetical inclusion would have prevented a finding of probable cause.
The court noted that ample federal caselaw existed at the time of the challenged conduct to give fair warning to officials that it was unconstitutional to hold a detainee in solitary confinement 500 days, for punishment, with virtually no procedural protection in the form of periodic reviews.