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Synonyms for casebook

a book in which detailed written records of a case are kept and which are a source of information for subsequent work

according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook


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The landscape for criminal law casebooks changed in 1999 with the publication of Joshua Dressler's Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, now in its sixth edition.
Including coauthors, these 15 Casebooks represented the experiences of 24 professionals (14 medical providers and 10 mental health therapists).
DSM-IV-TR casebook; v.2: Experts tell how they treated their own patients.
To achieve his aim Nance works back and forth between Mayerne's casebooks and several key theoretical works of his time, including Mayerne's own publications on medical practice and those of other influential medical practitioners.
This special issue of the Review of Contemporary Fiction offers a casebook on Gilbert Sorrentino's 1971 novel Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things.
Among its products, Aspen offers a line of casebooks used by law schools and law students, as well as a series of supportive legal study aids and a legal citation manual.
The situation with many casebooks, even casebooks with three or more editors, is that there are whole chapters which none of the editors teach.
The first edition of the casebook, which dramatically veered away from the traditional doctrinal structure of property casebooks, was organized in three major parts: Part I dealt with the basic notions of "Property and Wealth," Part II covered "Land (Resource) Allocation by Private Volition," and Part III explored "Land Planning and Development." This organization permitted professors and students to gain new insights into what property law was really all about.
will be offered through LEXIS-NEXIS Electronic Authors Press, a publishing program of electronic casebooks by law professors for students to use with LEXIS-NEXIS Office for Legal Education software.
About half of former penitents seem to have maintained some form of contact: casebooks are thick with jotted notes about later jobs, marriages, and other life events.
Third party presenters of Decision Casebooks can often regain credibility during subsequent rounds of negotiations.
Finding the nature of recent casebooks on US contract law that aim to integrate highly edited cases, fragments of law reviews, excerpts from the Uniform Commercial Code, and note material to be problematic for teaching, Barnett (Georgetown U.
The acquired company offers multiple product lines targeted to law students, including "Legal Briefs," a product that provides summaries of the cases used in law school casebooks. The "Legal Briefs" series includes 150 titles covering all major casebooks used in U.S.