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Synonyms for declension

Synonyms for declension

the inflection of nouns and pronouns and adjectives in Indo-European languages

a class of nouns or pronouns or adjectives in Indo-European languages having the same (or very similar) inflectional forms

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The terminative marker ssa starts with a geminate, so according to this criteria it should be considered as a case suffix but not as a postposition.
If this status is not stated explicitly by the author, we use the spelling of the form as a criterion (solid spelling corresponds to a case suffix, separate spelling corresponds to a postposition).
Possessive suffix precedes case suffix at least in some cases--MAR, PER, HUN, OU, TUR
There is a reliable hypothesis of its origin from the possessive suffix of 3rd person singular ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] III 146), but synchronically it is nothing more than a normal case suffix.
A Finnish case suffix (often inessive) usually encodes their spatial/temporal function.